We believe that good service is powerful, hard work is essential, and pursuing our passion is important.

Hi! We are Alex and Nick, two individuals with a passion for Star Wars – Star Wars makes us happy.

Our story is remarkably similar. In middle school, we were kids that seemed to never pay attention. Seemingly in our own world of superheroes and intergalactic battles. We’ve been captivated by Star Wars as far back as we can remember, and probably since we were in diapers. Things never change…one of us is no longer in diapers though. 

When we started college, we had the idea of going into animation so we can create our own epic superhero story. Unfortunately, real world and the potential to earn big bucks swayed us in different direction. After years of “routine” work, we explored ways to show and share our passions. ZIA Sabers was our outlet. 

For us, ZIA Sabers is where passion meets profession. We come to work everyday as a big fan, to have fun, and share a part of this fun with our customers. We truly believe in the transformative power of working in an environment surrounded by things that make us happy. This elevates our experience, engages and inspires us. 

We do the work we do because we love it. We like the industry. We like the people we meet. We like to talk Star Wars. We embrace the nerd. We like to share this happiness.

Hopefully we cross paths in the real world someday and we can make it a happy place together.