Advance Lightsaber Tricks for Dueling Complete Combat Guide

Advance Lightsaber Tricks

Do you want to spend quality lightsaber time dueling with your friends at home? Then, you need to learn how to duel like a true Jedi knight. Learning lightsaber tricks is essential for lightsaber dueling at home. Luckily, you are at the right place at the right time. 

We see Jedis and Sith Lords using eight different lightsaber combat forms. Some forms are suitable for double-bladed lightsabers, some support lightsaber combos, some for weighted lightsabers, and some for Shoto lightsabers. No matter what lightsaber form you choose, you need to learn the following advanced lightsaber tricks to duel effectively.

Train For Perfect Postures

Surprisingly, the stances are more important in lightsaber combos. Although a lot of lightsaber duelers overlook this advice, it’s one of the best ways to ensure victory. Maintaining the appropriate stance indicates that you are properly grounded. It also indicates that you are concentrated and able to retain your balance. In combat, a proper stance helps with both offense and defense. 

If you want to correct your posture, learn how to do the footwork. Perfect footwork enables you to do minimum movement, thus saving energy during the battle. The footwork stances may vary depending upon the lightsaber forms. The lightsaber Form II requires better footwork than other lightsaber forms. 

If you use a weighted lightsaber, you may also need footwork as these lightsabers require aggression. Aggressive attacks can leave openings that can only be blocked if you keep your balance with proper footwork.

Do Not Overswing

Jedis and Sith lords appear to be fighting quickly by swinging and clashing their lightsabers. But, this is not the right way to fight in our world. A lightsaber is all about swinging, but these swings must be under your control. 

Overswinging can cause you to lose battles most of the time. When you are overswing, it means you are less focused and trying to get a quick victory. The more you swing, the more you miss the target. Missing the mark means you gave your enemy an opening to attack from.

Every swing has to be calculated and controlled, especially with a weighted lightsaber. If you decide to overswing, make sure you use a lightsaber combo you are an expert at. So, you will have fewer chances to miss the target. 

The Art of Breathing

Like every other athletic activity, breathing plays a crucial role in lightsaber combats. Proper breathing helps you keep your posture in the fight. Not just that, it builds your endurance and helps you to push your limits. Breathing keeps you calm which is a critical aspect of winning. 

Control your breaths. It will help if you breathe from your stomach, not your chest. Take long breaths to keep your nerves calm during the fight. Breathing is more important than ever if you use a weighted lightsaber. The same goes for energy-consuming lightsaber combos. But, it is a tip everyone must benefit from.

Lightsaber Throw Trick

A lightsaber throw kick is a new trick that is gaining popularity among fans. Jedis or Sith Lords do not use this trick, but the real-life lightsaber duelists love this trick.

A lightsaber throw trick is basically throwing the lightsaber as the name says. The trick here is that lightsaber comes back into the hands. The lightsaber duelists use some kind of thread for this purpose. They tie the lightsaber with one end of the thread and the other end with their hand. So, when they throw the lightsaber toward the enemy, the thread pulls the lightsaber back into their hands. 

The lightsaber throw trick may look easy, but it requires intense training to master it completely. This trick may also appear useless to some, but it is an advanced lightsaber trick that provides the duelist with a broader range of motion.

Many lightsaber duelists keep this trick hidden until they find the right time to surprise their opponent. You can make many lightsaber combos with a lightsaber throw trick. If you use a weighted lightsaber, ensure the thread is strong enough to not break while using this trick. 

Spinning with the Lightsaber

Just swinging your lightsaber at your opponent in a gawky way is not going to work for you. It will only make you look like a bad duelist. So, it is important to learn the art of spinning. Once you master it, you can make some cool lightsaber combos with it.

Learn the given technique below, and you will be able to spin even the weighted lightsabers easily. Swinging your arms, wrist, and footwork in perfect sync will help you execute an effective lightsaber combo move.

While the rotating looks like excessive and needless movements, it serves two purposes.

  1. Spending time learning rotating will improve your flexibility. It will enhance the ability to swing in a broader range and orientation than without spinning.
  2. One way to win a fight is by getting in your opponent’s head. One best way to confuse your opponent is to use rotating. You can put much pressure on your opponent by spinning.

How to Spin your Lightsaber?

This simple step-by-step guide will help you properly do the spinning as a beginner.

  1. Stand straight and hold the lightsaber’s hilt with one hand in between your front and side at the level of your waist length. Hold it in a way that the tip of the lightsaber’s blade goes upward at a 45-degree angle.  
  2. Once you have taken the position, swing your weighted lightsaber downward. While you swing, rotate your hand, it will move away from your body, and the blade will make an arc downward in a vertical path. Using the weighted lightsaber helps strengthen the wrists and grip, but it is not mandatory.
  3. As you swing it downward, loosen up your grip at the hilt in a way that you can now hold it with your thumb and forefinger. 
  4. With your thumb and forefinger, keep rotating the lightsaber. Make sure the lightsaber is rotating in a circle in a clockwise direction. Give time to this until you master it, as it will help in various lightsaber combos.
  5. You must swing the lightsaber to complete circles in 360 degrees. 
  6. When you want to stop, hold the hilt again tightly with your hand and stop the swing.
  7. Practice it until you learn it properly.

This is the basic spin that every lightsaber wielder should learn. Without proper swinging, you can not make your way to some advanced lightsaber skills. Now you may think, how to spin a double-bladed lightsaber with one hand? Once you master the above guide, try the same procedure with a double-bladed lightsaber.

It won’t take much practice after you have already learned to spin. When you become skillful at spinning the lightsaber, you can start training on the below-mentioned advanced tricks for lightsaber dueling.


What is the Makashi Riposte?

It’s a precise counterattack technique that targets an opponent’s vulnerabilities.

How does the Ataru Cyclone benefit a duelist?

It combines speed and mobility to overwhelm opponents.

Why is regular practice important for mastering lightsaber tricks?

Consistency helps build muscle memory and refine technique.

Can these tricks be used by beginners?

Beginners should learn basic skills before attempting advanced tricks.

How can one ensure safety while practicing these tricks?

Practice with a trained professional and use appropriate safety gear.


In conclusion, mastering advanced lightsaber tricks can significantly enhance dueling skills. Techniques such as the Makashi Riposte or the Ataru Cyclone offer strategic advantages. Precision and agility are crucial. Regular practice is vital for proficiency. These tricks are not just maneuvers but art forms, blending elegance with combat effectiveness. Duelists should adapt tricks to their personal style. Safety and control remain paramount.

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