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Crossguard Lightsabers

The Jedi Knight used crossguard lightsabers during the Clone Wars. This weapon was unique in that it had two double-edged blades, rather than the traditional single-edged blades. It also used a hilt that was slightly shorter and deeper than the handle of a standard saber. The crossguard made the weapon difficult to handle and gave the Knight an advantage.

Crossguard lightsabers tended to be larger in size than single-edged lightsabers. They were not only heavier, but they tended to move more when held. This made them much more difficult to use than a standard saber to stop a bladed weapon from sliding down.

The longer and thicker blades needed more room to swing around and needed to swing a longer distance. This is the cause. The Star Wars galaxy eventually discovered that Jedi were faster than any other species or class at outmaneuvering their adversaries.

Early use of a crossguard lightsaber hilt is seen in the Star Wars films. There were several of these lightsabers that can be seen stored on top of desks inside of the Jedi Temple on planet Yoda. It is possible that the two-edged weapon was simply changed into a hilt for the purpose of storage.

Crossguard Lightsabers Designs

The crossguard made the weapon harder to wield and gave the user more range of motion. Since the design was changed to fit the saber’s profile, this made the weapon easier to use by both female and male students. This was one of the first known modifications of a Star Wars weapon.

One of the most notable differences between the original and contemporary designs is the lack of a hilt on the crossguard. The use of a hilt in the prequels and original trilogy would have limited the weapon’s use to Jedi Masters who had been trained in the use of the Force.

The use of the prequels and the original trilogy allowed a much larger majority of Jedi to use the new style of sabers and lightsabers. With that much more freedom, the use of hilts was eliminated and the crossguards became an integral part of the overall design of the sabers and lightsabers used by the Jedi.

The crossguard has undergone a few little changes, but overall the design has not changed too much. Some red and silver Jedi sabers have a ridged area on the crossguard that can be used to reduce the chance that a blade will strike an opponent’s eyes or throat.

In close quarters, where it is more difficult to produce sound with a traditional saber, some of the more recent models are equipped with saber vents that help reduce noise while they are in use. Serious fans of the Star Wars series favor the crossguard lightsaber because of these changes and newer designs.

The Popularity of the Crossguard lightsabers

The Crossguard lightsabers is a popular collectible, whether it is made of whatever material. It is the ultimate lightsaber collectibles, hands down. It was the first type of saber to be produced and that is a testament to its popularity. In fact, it was so popular that the Jedi Order created more styles, each different in shape and style. These are the original star wars, Old Republic, Dark Side, and Jedi Knight. All of these have become popular collectibles, both as fans collectibles and to be on hand for a Star Wars convention.

Crossguard Lightsabers

One of the things that makes the Crossguard more collectible than others is that there is not much variation between them. They are all roughly the same size and weight and can generally be purchased. They come in many different colors, though the ones that are available are pretty much limited. The color that you can purchase will usually depend on the choice of the user.

They are also available in a variety of sizes, depending on what you’re looking for. For example, if you are going to display it, then you will need a smaller one. It is also very important to look at how the guard attaches to the hilt. Some of them are pinched together, while others are spring-loaded. This makes it much easier to assemble, especially if you have no experience with swords at all. On the other hand, if you prefer the traditional connection, then it could take a bit longer.

Why Purchase Crossguard Sabers From Our Store?

If you are new to the lightsabers collectibles, one of your first choices should be to purchase a Crossguard Saber. This saber is designed to be held easily and is used for many purposes. It is one of the most sophisticated sabers ever created. In addition, it comes with a blade that can be adjusted to your liking.

However, when you get this lightsaber, do not let children play with their new saber. Children are going to want to take care of this new toy extensively. It is very possible for accidents to occur. Keep them away from the blade at all times. Even with instruction, accidents do occur so make sure that children understand that they are using a potentially dangerous product when playing with a saber.

As you can see, if you are serious about wanting a quality product. You should seriously consider purchasing a new, quality crossguard saber. The saber will last for many years, if not decades. It is a great investment! You will definitely be glad you purchased your saber from our store. Take some time and browse through our large selection of quality crossguard sabers.


What is a crossguard lightsaber?

A crossguard lightsaber features two additional blades protruding from each side of the main hilt, providing extra protection for the hands.

How does the crossguard on a lightsaber work?

The crossguards are smaller blades powered by the lightsaber’s main crystal, intended to protect the user’s hands from other lightsabers.

Is the crossguard lightsaber effective in combat?

Yes, it offers enhanced defense by guarding the hands and allows for more complex combat maneuvers.

Who used the crossguard lightsaber first in the Star Wars universe?

Kylo Ren is the most notable user of the crossguard lightsaber in the Star Wars films.

Why was the crossguard lightsaber introduced?

It was introduced to add a medieval knight-like aesthetic to the character and to innovate within the lore of lightsaber designs.


The crossguard lightsaber represents a significant evolution in lightsaber design. Its unique structure enhances combat effectiveness and safety. By introducing lateral blades, it protects the wielder’s hands during battles. This design mirrors historical weapons, blending tradition with futuristic technology. Its appearance in popular culture has captivated fans, sparking debates and admiration. However, it also raises questions about practicality in real-world physics. Despite these discussions, the crossguard lightsaber has secured a memorable place in science fiction lore. Its impact on both storytelling and fan engagement is undeniable.

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