Six Best Star Wars Tattoo For Men – Most Loved Designs

Many different objects act as a symbol of Star Wars. A Space fighter like Millennium Falcon, a Mandalorian Helmet, or a Jedi Cloak is some of the objects people use as their symbols to show their love for the show. Although, there is no doubt the only thing that represents Star Wars better than any other object is a lightsaber.  When fans want to show their dedication to the Star Wars show, they do it in many different ways. Some fans buy lightsabers and make their home a battleground. Some fans decided to cosplay their favorite characters. A few buy all the shows and watch them all day long. The hardcore fans go one step further and get a lightsaber tattoo on their body parts.  Are you one of those hardcore fans who are ready to go to this extreme of getting a lightsaber Tatoo on your arm? We have added some top lightsaber Tattoos below for you to pick from. 

1 Vader’s Strike Tattoo

The Vader’s Strike Tattoo was inspired by the “Empire Strikes Back.” movie. The moment when Luke Skywalker fought against his father, Darth Vader. In the battle, Luke’s hand got cut, and he lost his blue lightsaber into the depths of the cloud city. The tattoo is a beautiful piece of art. As you can see, the lightsaber hilt with green Kyber crystals represents the upcoming new green lightsaber of Luke Skywalker. Click on Vader Stike Tattoo to get a clear picture.

2 Darth Vader’s Tattoo

Darth Vader is an iconic character in Star Wars. He is an evil Sith lord but still the most loved character of the prequels and original trilogy. The tattoo includes Darth Vader holding his red lightsaber. This Darth Vader Tattoo went viral among the Star Wars community. So have a look at it. 

3 The Blue Saber Tattoo

One of the most famous colors of lightsabers is the blue color. Almost fifty percent of the Jedis used a blue lightsaber during the Old Republic before the fall of the Jedi Order. The famous Skywalker lightsaber used by Anakin, Luke, and Rey was also a blue lightsaber. The blue Saber Tattoo represents a blue lightsaber with a shining blade. It is a long Tattoo that covers the whole length of your arm. A long sparkling blade of a blue lightsaber looks amazing on the arm.

4 Ahsoka’s Saber Tattoo

Ahsoka Tano is an iconic character in the Star Wars series. She had been the part of all the major series like Clone Wars, Rebels, The Mandalorian, and the Book of Boba Fett. Ahsoka’s Saber Tattoo artist took inspiration from young Ahsoka Tano from Clone Wars.  The tattoo represents Ahsoka holding two lightsabers. One is a green lightsaber she had when she was a Padawan, and the other is a yellow Shoto lightsaber she got later. 

5 Obi-Wan Saber Tattoo

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a perfect Jedi. He is as wise as Master Yoda and as powerful as Master Windu. No wonder the fans want a tattoo of his blue lightsaber. The tattoo shows the hilt of Obi-Wan’s lightsaber with a little bit of spark at the emitter. This spark means the lightsaber is about to ignite.  The whole lightsaber tattoo is decorated with dark-themed flowers at the back. In front of the lightsaber says, “Hello there.” This reminds us of Obi-Wan’s funny way of saying hello to others. Have a look at this beautiful Obi-Wan Saber Tattoo.

6 The Legendary Lightsaber Tattoo

This lightsaber Tattoo does not represent the lightsaber of any character. It only represents a lightsaber hilt. The beauty of this tattoo is that it does not contain any color. The tattoo gives the appearance of a sketch on the arm.  It is a very beautiful and details focused tattoo. It is a big-sized tattoo that can also cover your entire leg. So consider getting this tattoo. Have a look at the Legendary Lightsaber here. This list can go on and on. There are hundreds of lightsaber Tattoos and all of them are worth a try. You can also explore our store of hundreds of lightsabers. Get a lightsaber and carry it while you have a similar tattoo on your arm.

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