Top 3 Legacy Lightsabers from Galaxy Star Wars Best For Dueling

You may have bought and played with many lightsabers till now, but there is nothing compared to the legacy lightsabers. The legacy lightsabers are officially licensed lightsabers Disney created themselves. They developed replicas of famous characters’ lightsabers with precise details and quality material. But, where can you get them? Now we will discuss about Top 3 Legacy Lightsabers.

Galaxy’s Edge is the largest Star Wars merchandise, and you can find its separate section in both Disney World and Walt Disney World. You will find a Dok Ondar’s Den at Galaxy’s Edge full of almost everything related to Star Wars. You will find legacy lightsabers from the infamous characters of Star Wars-like Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, etc.  

Although the number of lightsabers is limited, Disney regularly adds more and more new lightsabers of other characters. The three new legacy lightsabers Disney recently added became yet another success for Disney Merchandise. These lightsabers have won the hearts of Star Wars enthusiasts, and fans are going crazy over the detail and appearance of these lightsabers.  

So, what are these three new legacy lightsabers? Which character do they belong to? And what is so special about them? Let’s have a look one by one. 

Anakin/Luke/Rey Lightsaber

A few months ago, Disney added to their fine collection of legacy lightsabers with the Skywalker lightsabers. Who does not know about the Skywalker lightsaber? The lightsaber fulfilled its purpose in three different generations of Jedis. It is not only the first lightsaber to wield by Skywalkers but also the very first lightsaber to appear on the screen. 

The Skywalker lightsaber is a blue-bladed standard type lightsaber. It is an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. It has a quality metal hilt with the same design and details as the Skywalker lightsaber. Disney released a limited collector box of this lightsaber. You get this lightsaber with a wooden box.    

The Skywalker lightsaber is a beautiful piece of art and can be used as a display. Although, if you want it for dueling, you need to get the blade separately. You can get the blade and other lightsaber accessories at Disney World or other online stores.  

Alongside this lightsaber, Disney released another lightsaber wielded by Leia Skywalker. This lightsaber got its fame after Rey Skywalker used it against Palpatine. After some time, another blue lightsaber wielded by Cal Kestiis in “Jedi: the Fallen Order.” These lightsabers can cost you up to $220, just like other lightsabers at Dok Ondar’s shop. 

No one expected Disney would launch any other lightsaber soon enough, but they came up with two new lightsabers.

Rey Skywalker Yellow Legacy Lightsaber

After Ahsoka Tano and Temple Guards, Rey Skywalker was the third person to ever be found using a yellow lightsaber. At the end of “Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker.” Rey was seen burying the twin’s blue lightsabers. She was holding a new lightsaber, a unique yellow one. 

There were discussions about why she buried the blue lightsabers and wielded a yellow one. Some said she buried the lightsabers to honor the end of Skywalkers legacy. Others said she wielded a yellow lightsaber to represent herself as someone with a connection to both the Light and Dark Side of the Force. 

Whatever the reason was, one thing was obvious. People became obsessed with this yellow lightsaber, and fans wanted it in every possible way.  

Responding to the calls of their fans, Disney launched Rey’s legacy lightsaber. It is an officially licensed lightsaber with a price of $220. It may sound a lot, but the lightsaber is worth it, considering its quality. The Yellow blade legacy lightsaber’s appearance is mesmerizing, and the realistic details of the hilt are a treat for fans’ eyes. Rey used pieces of her Staff to build the hilt herself. This appearance was beautifully replicated in Rey’s legacy lightsaber.   

That was enough surprise for the fans of Star Wars. No one expected the Darksaber to appear in Dok Ondar’s Den collection right after the Yellow lightsaber.

Legacy Darksaber

The hardcore fans who have watched “Star Wars: Rebels, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett.” are aware of this magical lightsaber. Tarre Vizsla created the Darksaber, but since then, it has become more than just a weapon of a Jedi. 

The Darksaber has become the symbol of power in Mandalore. Anyone who wins the Darksaber in a duel gets to rule the entire Mandalorian planet. The Darksaber passed from different hands till he came into the possession of Din Djarin, as seen in the Mandalorian series.  

More About Legacy Darksaber

The legacy Darksaber Disney recently launched is a beautiful piece of art, a wizard, I would say. It is one of the best legacy lightsabers Disney has launched. But what is so special about it? 

As we know, the Dakrsaber has a Beskar-made hilt. Disney successfully designed the hilt to make it look like it is as tough as a Beskar. It is made of metal, though, which is the most reliable material for lightsaber hilts. The design is the exact copy of the Mandalorian Darksaber. 

The legacy Darksaber has a unique sword-like blade, unlike any other lightsabers. You get this blade alongside the legacy Darksaber. While turning ON, the Darksaber illuminates Dark colors with bright outer edges. This feature makes the Darksaber unique, and Disney has successfully replicated it and made it the most realistic lightsaber. 

Including the blade, you get a stand with the legacy Darksaber to use as a display. You may have to pay some extra charges, including the tax, to get these accessories.  

These three are the latest lightsabers Disney has launched and are available at Dok Ondar’s Den. If you travel there, you must have a look at other legacy lightsabers. Lightsabers like Kylo Ren’s lightsaber, Darth Maul’s lightsaber, Count Dooku’s Lightsabers, and others are all art masterworks.  

Also, remember to visit Savvy’s Workshop, which is also present inside the Galaxy’s Edge. You will get the experience of creating your own lightsaber there. How convenient, right? So, let the Force guide you to the perfect legacy lightsaber the Galaxy has to offer you. 

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