Travelling with Your Lightsaber by Air, Mail or TSA

Travelling with Lightsaber

How to travel with a lightsaber from Disney? How to get a lightsaber home from Disney World? People usually have these questions after they visit Disney. Other people just want to carry their lightsaber to their Jedi adventures, Cosplay event, or Halloween. Either way, they need an answer about how they can travel with their lightsaber. 

So let’s see if we can swiftly determine whether or not you can travel with your lightsaber. If so, which airlines permit you to travel with your lightsaber and what are the guidelines? And what are the guidelines for using a lightsaber while driving?

Traveling on Plane

So, you created a lightsaber in Savi’s workshop and want to know how to bring It back home. The general rule is that you can travel with your lightsaber as a carry-on item. Some airlines, like united airlines or delta airlines, and most others, always allow it. People mostly do not have any issues regarding that. Still, some cases tell other stories.

According to the TSA guidelines, you can carry a lightsaber on the plane, but they insist that you pack your lightsaber in your luggage. The final decision always depends on the present officer on duty. If the officer does not allow it as a carry-on item, you will face a problem traveling with your lightsaber. A TSA officer can reject your lightsaber as a carry-on item due to the following factors. 

Traveling with Lithium-Ion Batteries

A lightsaber from Disney runs on lithium-ion batteries. The same goes for almost every lightsaber on the market. The lithium-ion battery is considered an essential part of a lightsaber as it gives a long-lasting life. 

These batteries are suitable for the lightsaber, but they can appear a dangerous item to a TSA officer. These batteries can appear as explosives or electronic parts that can hinder the plane’s signals. Additionally, the FAA guides that any battery is not allowed as a carry-on item. 

You can disassemble the lightsaber parts and pack the batteries or the whole lightsaber in your luggage. Also, make sure to turn it off to avoid any spark.

The lightsaber looks like a Weapon

A TSA officer may reject your lightsaber as a carry-on because a lightsaber looks like a weapon, even if it is a toy. If your lightsaber has a long and pointy blade, or the hilt has claws or fangs-like shape. The chances are that the TSA officer may not allow it as a carry-on item. 

People from different backgrounds travel on planes. A lightsaber can look like a sword or other dangerous weapon to many passengers. 

However, you might attempt to persuade the officer to let you carry it if you so choose. This is how a lot of people have approached the problem. “You can ask the officer nicely,” they said. 

You always have the choice to put it in your luggage if the police forbids it. So, you ought to act in this manner. Arrive at the airport early, and have a backup plan for packing your lightsaber in your suitcase. You are free to put it in your bag if the police forbids it.

Traveling on Road

Traveling with your lightsaber on the road is much simpler than the air. Still, the same situation can take place as there are random people in local transport. A lightsaber can appear threatening. So, to avoid the problem, you should carry your lightsaber in your bag.

Traveling on the road can also be bad for your lightsaber. The rattling can cause the displacement of internal electronic parts. I recommend you pack it properly so that it does not rattle. Many people use a foam bag or a bubble wrap as the wrap can absorb the rattling. 

The best option is a lightsaber case. Keeping your lightsaber in this lightsaber case will protect your lightsaber. You can buy a lightsaber case in Dok Andor’s Den. So, when you create your lightsaber, I recommend purchasing a lightsaber case for road traveling. 

How to Ship a Lightsaber by Mail?

Sometimes traveling with your lightsaber is not an option, but you cannot leave it behind either. You may have bought a lightsaber from Disney land’ Dok Andor’s Den or crafted your own at Savy’s Workshop. What should you do?

You can simply mail the lightsaber to your desired address. Disney officials also give you the option to ship your lightsaber to your address. You have two options to ship your lightsaber from Disney. You can go to Droid Depot and provide all the details regarding your address to the customer service there. They will send your lightsaber.

The same option is also available at Dok Andor’s Den. When people buy a character lightsaber from Dok Andor, they prefer to mail it. But, you can do the same with your Savi’s workshop lightsaber. 

The lightsaber’s hilt and its blade are sensitive parts. You need to pack these properly and cover them in a large box before shipping them to your address. Keep all the parts separate from each other for shipping. You can connect them later for a duel time.

How to Disassemble a Lightsaber?

If you want to mail your lightsaber from Disney, or you want to carry it with you, you should disassemble your lightsaber first. I emphasize it as it saves you from traveling troubles and is good to keep your lightsaber parts protected. 

You can easily disassemble a Disney lightsaber. Just push the blade downward. Now twist the blade anti-clockwise. This way you will unscrew the lightsaber blade from its hilt. If you want to remove the battery, just keep a Philips screwdriver with you. Unscrew the bolts on the hilt, and remove the battery before shipping the lightsaber.

Buying a lightsaber from an online store like ZIA Sabers should not be a problem as they provide direct shipping to your home address. If you have bought a lightsaber or any other accessory from our infinite collection of Lightsabers, contact us and let us know your query. We will help you sort out your issue, whether it is a shipping issue or some other.


Can I carry my lightsaber on a plane?

Yes, but it must be properly stored in checked luggage.

Do I need special permission to travel with my lightsaber?

Check local laws as some places might require permits.

How do I pack my lightsaber for travel?

Use a sturdy, padded case to prevent damage.

Are there any restrictions on using a lightsaber in public places?

Yes, many areas have restrictions on brandishing weapons openly.

Can my lightsaber be used as a source of light in dark places?

Absolutely, it’s an excellent source of illumination.


Traveling with your lightsaber may sound complicated, but it is just as simple as carrying any other toy around if you follow the guidelines. Travel with your lightsaber by separating the lightsaber parts or mail it to your address. So, what is keeping you from not taking your lightsaber to Star Wars events and exhibiting your true Jedi talent? Pack it up right away.

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