Star Wars Saga is all about Jedis and Sith’s rivalry to control that “Far Far Away Galaxy.” The ultimate weapon they use against each other is lightsabers. While we enjoy watching blue, green, and red lightsabers, we also get glimpses of some uncommon types of lightsabers, sometimes in color and sometimes in types.

Let’s dive into the knowledge of these uncommon types of lightsabers, their attributes, and their meanings. 

1- Curved-Hilt Lightsabers

A normal type lightsaber with a straight cylindrical hilt is what Jedis and Sith lords often use. Then there are other varieties, such as the dual-phase and double-bladed lightsabers, among many more. One rare variety among the Force-users is the lightsaber with a curved handle. 

As implied by the name, a curved-hilt lightsaber differs from a regular lightsaber in that it has a curved hilt. Most people that wield two lightsabers and have a special lightsaber combat Form utilize this kind of lightsaber.

Ahsoka Tano paired her Jar’kai form with a green lightsaber that had a curved handle in Clone Wars. In Clone Wars season 7, her lightsaber’s colors were altered to blue, but the curved hilt stayed the same.

In the Clone Wars, Assajj Ventress also wielded a curved-hilt lightsaber. On her case, both her lightsabers were curved-hilt. It is easier for dual lightsaber wielders to use curved-hilt type in lightsaber duels. 

Apart from those, some other Jedis or Sith may have used curved-hilt lightsabers in the past. However, it is still an uncommon type of lightsaber, considering only a few wielded it out of thousands of Force-users.

2- Darksaber

Darksaber is not only an uncommon type of lightsaber. It is one of a kind throughout the history of Star Wars. A dark blade with a hilt made of pure Beskar just takes the saber to a whole new level of uniqueness. Darksaber is also a type that has a greater purpose than just lightsaber duels. 

The only Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizsla, first crafted Darksaber and wielded it to unite all the clans of Mandalore. He was the only person to unite all Mandalorians. Since then, Darksaber has had more value because of its story than its blade. A person who wins Darksaber in a duel has the right to Darksaber as well as the Mandalorian throne.

Many people had wielded the Darksaber, as seen from “Clone Wars.” to “The Mandalorian.” series. We have watched the Darksaber going from Lee Vizsla to Maul, to Sabine Wren to Bo-Katan to Moff Gideon, and then finally into the hands of Din Djarin(Mando). 

Anyone who claims Darksaber without a duel can cause the curse for the Mandalorians. Like, the same happened in the case of Bo-Katan after she took it from Sabine Wren without a duel. The event was remembered as “The Night of Thousand tears.” The Empire attacked the Mandalore and destroyed almost everything.

Din Djarin now owns the Darksaber, and he wins it from Moff Gideon. Hopefully, Din Djarin will be able to do what Tarre Vizsla did, uniting all the Mandalorians with the help of Darksaber’s power.

3- Crossguard Lightsaber

Crossguard lightsaber is the coolest lightsaber, in my opinion. Ironically, it is as rare as it is cool and is one of the uncommon types of lightsabers. A Crossguard lightsaber has a unique hilt with two emitters at both sides of the hilt and one emitter on top. 

While the main emitter on the top of the hilt emits the main blade, the side emitters emit small blades forming a cross shape, hence the name Crossguard. The Crossguard lightsaber has a longer blade in length and is heavier than most lightsabers. 

Throughout the Star Wars Saga, including the movies and series, only one person Kylo Ren used a Crossguard lightsaber. Kylo Ren wielded a red Crossguard lightsaber as he was a Sith lord. His Crossguard lightsaber had another unique feature. Since the Kyber crystal in his lightsaber had a crack, his lightsaber emitted a blade of an irregular pattern. 

Kylo Ren wielded his Crossguard lightsaber in many duels against Rey, Snoke’s guards, Luke Skywalker, and even Palpatine. He continued to use it until he finally turned to the light side of the Force.

Kylo Ren is indeed the only person to have used Crossguard lightsaber in the movies. He is not the only one who wielded this uncommon type of lightsaber. During the times of the High Republic era, a Jedi named Stellan Gios wielded a blue Crossguard lightsaber. 

Going way back in the past, a Sith lord Darth Atrius wielded two Crossguard lightsabers before the High Republic era. Only a few Force-users are seen using Crossguard lightsaber and thus in the list of uncommon types of lightsabers.

4- Yellow Lightsaber

The only ones who used a yellow lightsaber were the Jedi temple guards. It became clear that even Jedis used a yellow color lightsaber after watching Rey wielding a yellow lightsaber at the end of the Sequel trilogy. 

The yellow lightsaber temple guards wielded had a different hilt and could easily be differentiated with a standard lightsaber. Rey’s yellow lightsaber is a standard type with a cylindrical hilt. Not much explanation about her yellow lightsaber was given in the film. 

A yellow lightsaber has a deep meaning like other rare colors. A yellow lightsaber means the user is somehow connected to both the light and dark sides of the Force. In the case of Rey, she had a Sith grandfather, and both her Masters were Jedis, so it could be the reason she equipped herself with a yellow lightsaber.

Ahsoka Tano was also seen with a yellow Shota-type lightsaber in the Clone Wars. Some say it was not a yellow lightsaber but a green one with a yellow shade in it. Nevertheless, a yellow lightsaber is an uncommon type of lightsaber in the galaxy.

5- White Lightsabers

White lightsabers are one of the uncommon colors seen in lightsabers. It is as rare as a Darksaber as it is one of its kind. The only person to wield white lightsabers is Ahsoka Tano. She was seen using two white lightsabers in “Star Wars: Rebels.” for the first time. 

It was unclear how Ahsoka Tano came in possession of two white lightsabers after she abandoned her blue lightsabers after Order 66. Later it was revealed in a novel. She took these two white lightsabers from an inquisitor. 

After she dueled with an inquisitor and defeated him, she felt like the lightsabers were calling her. The Inquisitor corrupted the Kyber crystals, and the lightsabers were emitting red color. After Ahsoka took the Inquisitor’s lightsaber, she purified them into their pure white color.

Her white lightsabers were the standard type with cylindrical hilts, unlike her previous blue one with a curved hilt.

Ahsoka Tano’s white lightsabers have their own explanation. According to the Star Wars officials, she was given the white lightsabers for her identity. Like other colors have different meanings, so does the white color. The white lightsabers of Ahsoka Tano represent her no affiliation with Jedi or Sith order. 

6- Lightsaber Cane

Lightsaber cane, also known as Sabercane, is another uncommon type of lightsaber seen in Star Wars. This type of lightsaber has its hilt made of cane with Kyber crystal planted in it somehow. Since the cane hilt is unpopular and unreliable enough to use, it is rare to see any Jedi or Sith using a lightsaber cane.

One old Jedi named Tera Sinube was seen using a Lightsaber cane in Clone Wars. He was an old Jedi and used it as a cane which can also emit a blade and become a lightsaber.

Maul, the former Sith, also crafted her new double-bladed lightsaber with a cane hilt. His first lightsaber had a standard hilt, but later, he changed it into a cane hilt. He was cunning enough to use it as a cane to deceive people. 

In Rebels, Maul deceived Ezra Bridger into believing he was an older man as he walked like an old man holding a cane. He did the same thing many times in Clone Wars. So yes! You can also use this lightsaber as a cane. Still, it is uncommon, as Jedis or Sith are too proud and strong to use a lightsaber as a cane.

7- Purple Lightsaber

Another uncommon type of lightsaber in the galaxy of lightsabers is a purple lightsaber. A famous name who used a purple lightsaber is Jedi Master Mace Windu. To craft a purple lightsaber, you need a purple Kyber crystal which is extremely rare. 

Where did Windu get it? Well, he got his purple Kyber crystal as a gift from some stone-like race after he helped them. A purple lightsaber is normally owned by someone who knows both sides of the Force. Mace Windu was quite skilled in many combat forms of both the light and dark side of the Force. So, we can relate to why he was given a purple lightsaber.

Another person who used a purple lightsaber was Darth Revan, who lived centuries before the Clone Wars. He was a Jedi who turned to the dark side and then later reclaimed himself again as a Jedi in his lifetime. He wielded many lightsabers in his lifetime and wielded a purple one during the last phase of his life. So, the only known persons to use purple lightsabers are Windu and Revan. 

8- Bronze Lightsaber 

Bronze lightsabers are on the top list of uncommon types of lightsabers. Like the Darksaber, only one bronze lightsaber was seen throughout history. After Luke ended the Empire and created a new Jedi order, he had an apprentice who owned a bronze lightsaber.

A Jedi named Lowbacca from the Wookie race was the nephew of Chewbacca. He crafted his lightsaber using many machine parts. It is said that he used rare jewels as a replacement for Kyber crystal. Bronze lightsaber is the only time a lightsaber was created without a Kyber crystal. It is also the only reason why we never saw a bronze lightsaber before. 

The bronze lightsaber was not shown in any sequels of the original trilogy but in the novels. Hopefully, we will learn more about them in the future movies of Star Wars.

9- Double-bladed Lightsaber

A double-bladed lightsaber is quite unique from other types of lightsaber. The double-bladed lightsaber has a hilt with an emitter at both ends producing two plasma blades at both ends. This lightsaber is difficult to use and is mostly used by those who practiced Form VI or VII combat. 

Darth Maul is the only Force-wielder who used a double-bladed lightsaber throughout the Clone Wars. He was a Sith Lord, and his lightsaber had two red blades. Due to its difficulty, very few Jedis or Sith are known to use a double-bladed lightsaber despite its availability. 

10- Switch-Blade Lightsaber

A switch-blade lightsaber is an exceptional type of lightsaber. Like a double-bladed lightsaber, it has two blades except that its lightsaber is parallel to each other with two hilts. Why is it called an uncommon type? Well, we did not get to see many Jedis or Sith lords wielding a switch-blade lightsaber.

If we rewind back into the Clone Wars, Pong Krell is a notable name who wielded this type of lightsaber. Also, remember Rey’s vision? She was seen wielding a switch-blade lightsaber while wearing a Sith cloak. She did not turn to the dark side. If she had, we might get to see a red switch-blade lightsaber.

11- Inquisitor’s lightsaber

Like the Jedi Padawans, Sith lords also take apprentices called Inquisitors, who are actually not Sith’s apprentices but more like a partner who works for the same cause. The Grand Inquisitor seen in Clone Wars and three more inquisitors seen in Rebels series wielded the Inquisitor’s lightsabers.

The inquisitor lightsabers are uncommon because of their hilt design. The hilt is more technologically advanced, with two blades on both sides that can be rotated in circular rotation. Secondly, as its name says, only Inquisitors wield this type of lightsabers. These lightsabers contain a Synth crystal designed by Imperial engineers and can be as dangerous as a real crystal lightsaber.

12- Lightsaber Whip

A lightsaber whip is one of the rarest types of lightsaber seen in the Star Wars universe. While we do not get a glimpse of the lightsaber whip in any series or movies, the “Novel Knights of High Republic.” gave us a bit of detail about this type of lightsaber. 

The lightsaber whips are commonly wielded by the Force users of the dark side like Sith lords, Dark Jedis, and Nightsisters. Jedis do not seem comfortable with this lightsaber whip as it is almost not found in Jedi order. Nevertheless, a Jedi named Vernestra Rwoh crafted one after being guided by the will of the Force.

13- LightSpear

I would call the light spear the most uncommon and rare type of lightsaber. Not sure if we can call it a lightsaber. Lightspear had never made an appearance in Star Wars movies and their series counterparts. Neither was it explained in any Novels whatsoever. 

Due to the unavailability of information, it is difficult to provide any detail about lightspear. All we know is that lightspear was used by the Sith lords during the times of the high republic. A Jedi Master named Jorra Mali is the only person who took a Kyber crystal from an ancient Sith lightspear.

14- Ezra’s Lightsaber

Ezra Bridger is a young Jedi whose journey started with a rebel squad, as seen in the “Star Wars: Rebels.” series. After being trained by Kanan Jarrel, Ezra crafted his lightsaber, which surprised everyone.

Ezra’s lightsaber can be considered an uncommon type because it is one of its kind. Ezra wanted to combine his shooting abilities with his Jedi abilities, so he crafted a lightsaber that could do both. The hilt had an emitter on top and a hole that could fire energy blasters like a pistol. Kyber crystals were mostly used for lightsabers, but Ezra gave it a completely new feature.

15- Lightsaber Pikes

A lightsaber pike looks similar to a double-bladed lightsaber, but it has two blades at both ends of the emitter. Still, it is very different from double-bladed and even more uncommon ones. 

A lightsaber pike contains two yellow blades with a much longer hilt than a standard hilt. These lightsabers are wielded by the guards of the Jedi temple, as seen in Clone Wars and Rebels. These lightsabers are usually seen in double blades, not to confuse Rey’s yellow lightsaber. However, a single-bladed variant was seen in a Novel. Luke Skywalker found a lightsaber pike and used it for a while after he lost his blue lightsaber.

16- Shoto Lightsaber

A Shoto lightsaber is a type not everyone can use. Not because of some extraordinary ability but because of its size. Shoto blade has an extremely small length, and this type was specifically designed for smaller people.

Jedi Master Yoda was a famous Shoto lightsaber wielder. Despite its length, Master Yoda effectively used it in lightsaber duels. Ahsoka Tano also wielded a Shoto lightsaber to complement his main lightsaber and to assist his Jar-kai fighting style. She used a yellow Shoto lightsaber while Jedi Master Yoda wielded a green one.

17- Protosaber

Like some types of talked earlier, Protosaber is also not seen in any Star Wars movies or series. However, Orotosabers made an appearance in Star Wars games and some novels. 

A Protosabers can be called an earlier type of lightsaber. Before the lightsaber existed their latest forms, Jedis and Sith used Protosabers. Protosabers were created without a Kyber crystal in early times. In exchange, this type was powered with batteries that Jedis and Sith had to carry along. 

It was difficult to fight with a bag of batteries and a wire that connected the batteries with the hilt, so it was upgraded to is the latest form.

18- Training Lightsaber

Training lightsabers are the ones kept in the Jedi temples to train the younglings. These lightsabers are not for a duel but for training only. These lightsaber does emit a blade but are designed to make them harmless. Training lightsabers are shorter in length than the regular blades, and the hilt is smaller to fit in the hands of younglings.

As we saw in “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.” Jedi Master Yoda was training some younglings with these training lightsabers


What is a darksaber?

The darksaber is a unique lightsaber with a black blade, symbolizing leadership in Mandalorian culture.

Why do some lightsabers have curved hilts?

Curved hilts help with precision and control, making them ideal for skilled duelists.

What is the advantage of a double-bladed lightsaber?

Double-bladed lightsabers allow for offensive and defensive maneuvers simultaneously.

How does a lightwhip differ from a traditional lightsaber?

A lightwhip features a flexible, whip-like blade that can strike from unexpected angles.

Are these uncommon lightsabers more powerful than regular ones?

They aren’t necessarily more powerful, but offer tactical advantages in specific situations.


In conclusion, uncommon lightsabers reveal the creativity and depth of the Star Wars universe. These include the darksaber, with its unique black blade and traditional design. Curved-hilt sabers offer enhanced precision and control, favored by duelists. Double-bladed spin sabers introduce complexity in combat, requiring skilled manipulation. Lightwhips, flexible and unpredictable, challenge traditional combat styles. These variants not only enrich the lore but also demonstrate the adaptability of lightsaber technology.

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