Unleash Lightsaber Colors

Star Wars is a sum of infinite fictional stories in that “Far Far Away Galaxy.” We get to see some in the form of movies while others in the form of Star Wars series. But there are some stories of important characters that are told only in video games. One such game is Star Wars: Force Unleashed.  “Star Wars: Force Unleashed.” is a video game that covers the story of Starkiller, a secret apprentice of Darth Vader.

The event of the game

The event of the game is set after the rise of the Empire. The game presents the story of Starkiller and how he turns from the Dark Side to the Light Side. The game is addictive, and anyone can easily get hooked to it.  When you play the game and proceed to other levels, many questions may arise. One of the questions is about the Force Unleashed lightsaber customization. All the Star Wars games have this option available, and this game is no different. You may also want to know if you can customize the Force Unleashed lightsaber hilts. So, I will try to uncover the Force Unleased lightsaber colors customization guide.

How Can You Customize Lightsaber in Force Unleashed?

how to unleash lightsaber colors

 The customization options are available in the game, but it depends on the types of customization. If you want to change the lightsaber’s hilt, or if you want to create your own lightsaber, then this is bad news. You cannot customize the Force Unleashed lightsaber hilts in Force Unleashed.  But if you want to change the color of your lightsaber, then you can do it in the game. You can also change or enhance the abilities of your lightsaber. For these two purposes, you need crystals. 

Types Of Force

 There are two types of Force Unleashed lightsaber crystals, a color crystal, and a power crystal. This color crystal will change the color of your lightsaber blade. There are many crystals of different colors, and you can change your lightsaber blade to all these different colors.  Similarly, you can enhance the abilities of your lightsaber using power crystals. These abilities include increased physical damage, increased electrical damage, enhanced ability to drain energy, etc. Some color crystals are both color crystals and power crystals. Some Force Unleashed lightsaber color crystals do not have any abilities. Both the color crystals and power crystals are spread throughout the map of the Force Unleased game. So, if you want to know about the Force Unleashed Lightsaber colors customization, you need to find the crystals. You can use these crystals inside the Force Unleashed lightsaber hilts to get the desired color. 

Force Unleashed Lightsaber Colors Crystals and Power Crystals

Let’s see all the colors crystals and all the power crystals available in the Force Unleashed game.

Color Crystals (XBOX 360, PC)

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Compressed Red
  4. Compressed Yellow
  5. Gold
  6. Unstable Red
  7. Compressed Gold
  8. Blue 
  9. Unstable Gold
  10. Unstable Yellow
  11. Compressed Blue Purple
  12. Green
  13. Compressed Purple
  14. Unstable Blue
  15. Compressed Green
  16. Unstable Purple
  17. Unstable Green
  18. Black

Colors Crystals (PS1, PSP, Wii)

  1. Red 1.
  2. Red 2.
  3. Red 3.
  4. Green 1.
  5. Green 2.
  6. Green 3.
  7. Purple 1.
  8. Purple 2.
  9. Purple 3.
  10. Blue 1. 
  11. Blue 2.
  12. Blue 3.
  13. Orange 1.
  14. Orange 2.
  15. Orange 3.

Power Crystals (XBOX 360, PC)

  1. Ilum
  2. Rubat
  3. Firkrann
  4. Lorrdian
  5. Ruusan
  6. Vexxtal
  7. Sigil 
  8. Katak

Power Crystals “Combat Crystals” (PS2, PSP, Wii)

  1. Kaiburr
  2. Qixoni
  3. Opila
  4. Dragite
  5. Firkrann
  6. Damind

Locations and Abilities of the Crystals (XBOX 360, PC)

LocationColorThe Power Crystal NamePower Crystal’s ability
NoneRedIlum: Default crystalNo extra ability
Tie Fighter FactoryYellowRubatExtra physical damage
Raxus PrimeCompressed red, Compressed yellowFirkrannChance of extra electrical damage
FeluciaUnstable red, Compressed GoldNoneNone
The Empirical BlueLorridanEnhanced ability to deflect Blasters
Cloud CityUnstable gold, Unstable YellowRuusanCosts less Force energy
Imperial KashyykCompressed blue, purpleNoneNone
Imperial FeluciaGreen, Compressed Purple, Unstable BlueVexxtalIncreased Chance of corrupting enemy with aura damage
Imperial Raxus PrimeCompressed Green, Unstable PurpleSigilDeals extra lightning Damage

Locations and Abilities of the Crystals (PS2, PSP, Wii)

LocationColorThe Combat Crystal NameCombat Crystal’s ability
Red 1.No Ability, Default crystal
Nar ShaddaaGreen 3.KaiburrIncreased Force Push Ability
The Jedi TemplePurple 2. QixoniBoosts Force Choke Ability
Raxus PrimeOrange 3, Purple 3.None
The Jedi Temple (Trial of Insight)Green 2, Blue 2.OpilaIncrease Lightsaber Throw Ability
FeluciaRed 2, Purple 1None
Naar Shadda (2nd Visit)NoneNone
KashyyykRed 3, Orange 2.DragiteInrease Blows Damage
FeluciaGreen 1.FirkrannBoosts Force Lightning Ability 
Raxus PrimeBlue 3, Red 1.DamindIncrease Lightsaber Strength
Cloud CityBlue 1.None
Death StarOrange 1.None

If you want to know the exact and in-depth details about the locations of these color crystals and power crystals, go directly to 

How to change Force Unleashed Lightsaber colors?

Now that you have all the Force Unleashed Lightsaber color crystals, you can change the color of your lightsaber to your favorite colors. Apparently, you need to add the crystal in Force Unleashed lightsaber hilts. To do that, just pause the game and go to the customization menu. Many options will appear. Select the “lightsaber.” option.  You will see two lightsabers after selecting the option. The first lightsaber is the option to change the lightsaber color. In contrast, the second option is to change the lightsaber’s power crystal. The power crystal will change the abilities of your lightsaber.

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