Where to Buy a Lightsaber? Things To Consider!

Where to Buy a Lightsaber Things To Consider!

So, you are all caught up with the Star Wars Saga and now ready to learn the ways of the Force. You know you may be strong with the Force, but you will never be a Jedi without a lightsaber. I know this is what brings you here. You want to know where to buy a lightsaber or the best place to buy lightsabers. You clicked on the right place.

Since you are new to this stuff, or maybe you have tried some, those lightsabers were just not good enough. You may want to know how to pick a lightsaber, what specifications it should have, and what unique qualities you should be looking for?

Thus, you should be aware of this whether you want a lightsaber that is identical to Anakin’s, Luke’s Yoda’s, or any other Jedi’s, or you might want to make your own bespoke lightsaber. Prior to learning where to purchase a lightsaber, you should be aware of the following advice.

Things To Consider For Where to Buy!

1) Design

There are different types of lightsabers in Star Wars, like a standard lightsaber, double-bladed lightsaber, and many more. All of them can also be found in our world. So, while you get one, make a great inspection on the hilt.

You want to make sure the hilt is durable enough to withstand hardcore duals. If it is plastic material, try to avoid it. Pick for a metallic body and make sure the hilt you pick should look as good as any Jedi’s lightsaber.

2) Sound Effects

If you think of buying a lightsaber that looks like one but does not have sound, you are wasting your money. A lightsaber is not a lightsaber without those cracking sounds. Lightsaber comes in different vibrating, humming, and clashing sounds. So make sure it has the options of most of those sounds while you buy one.

3) Blade Lights

This is another major tip you should listen to before knowing where to buy a lightsaber. Always pick the color you want and make sure the blade has all the visual effects. I mean blade should have color switch options. You can get up to seven colors in one lightsaber.

Where to Buy a Lightsaber?

So, now you are all set to know where to buy a lightsaber. I mean a real lightsaber, a saber with all the above features. A lightsaber that can give a real Jedi duals feel.

Just like you, I am a Star Wars enthusiast. I have tried many online and physical stores, and most of them just did not meet my expectations. Every lightsaber was either incomplete or lacked all the qualities. Some did not have the sound effects, and some were weak enough to break in dual. Then I came across the Zia Sabers.

ZIA Sabers 

ZIA saber is a company that sells lightsabers both in physical and online stores. You can always go to eBay or Amazon, but if you are the person who cares for quality, then you should definitely try at least one ZIA lightsaber.

ZIA saber sells lightsabers that are complete in every sense. They have hundreds of lightsabers with all Jedi lightsaber designs and many more. The sound quality is out of this world, and all of their lightsaber catalogs have tons of sound effects in them. ZIA saber sells lightsabers with premium quality hilts. The hilts are metallic material with exact designs that Jedis had in Star Wars.

You can also get a custom design lightsaber on a ZIA saber. The blades are on a whole different level of quality. The tube is durable to withstand any dual and has loads of visual effects with more than 7 colors on every blade. You can switch to your favorite color anytime you want.

ZIA lightsabers are so light anyone can easily swing them in the air, be it a child or a grown-up fan. There are some other features you can fight in ZIA lightsabers.

So, are you planning to gift a lightsaber to your kid, or do you want one for yourself or looking forward to adding to your collection, and do you want to know where to buy a lightsaber? ZIA saber is the place to go. This recommendation is based on my personal experience, but you never know until you try yourself.

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