What Customers say About Zia Sabers

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Mini maul

I love it!!! It's amazing thank you so much

Argo Pixel Lightsaber
Angel G Rodriguez

Made a great gift, loved it..

Sailor Lightsaber
Martavius Milazzo

The best toy I’ve ever received thanks for the best birthday ever

Tethys lightsaber
David L. 2014
Awesome lightsabers!! Highly recommended.

I love the customization, especially using the app! The ability to choose any color, choice of 3 blade styles and it is also duel ready makes it awesome. The aluminum hilt is good quality and finely made. The only negative thing I can say about it is that it is crazy loud (this could also be a pro for some people). Overall, I will recommend Zia Sabers to all my friends.

Battalion Lightsaber
Isaac Samuels
Tinny sound

I love the lighting effects and weight. The sound is very tinny. It grates on you after a while. Prob needs a better speaker.

Chosen One Lightsaber
Blake Woodbury
Amazing light saber

If you thinking on buy this do it is amazing for the money with all the cool features and sounds.

Having a blast

First thing charged the battery. Then selected my color and style. The weight and the balance was great in my hands.craftsmanship was great no sharp edges and it all fit snugly. Had it for about a week and friends that have seen it won’t hardly give it back. Been having a blast with it ever since. Thanks for an awesome saber.


The grove designs on the handle require easy grip and allow me maneuver the blade with ease. The weight is unbelievably light. The overall lightsaber surpasses an other brand I have come in contact with.

Mu Cephei Lightsaber
Julie Harper
Kid loves it

Kid loves it. It works much better than the cheaper one he got. Carries it everywhere

Drogon Pixel Lightsaber
Christian Fritts
Great saber

Had it for a few hours testing durability visuals and weight all of it was great and would definitely recommend

Mu Cephei Lightsaber
Darren Oxford
Hey there it was great but also

I looked at a video on youtube about a sim card being on the lightsaber.but then when i check for it and, they said its not for neoxpexel its for the other one but also I have a video of enjoying it and you said i can participate.

would recomend

It is a great saber! would recommend if you are into dueling. I have hit several objects such as trees and concrete and the saber still preforms really well!

Mu Cephei Lightsaber
Tyler Stricker
Fantastic Lightsaber!

The product arrived quickly and was well packed. I charged up my lightsaber and began playing with all the settings. It has so many features and looks so good!

Chosen One Lightsaber
Jasely Santiago
The chosen one

The sound and effects are so cool! This is a great lightsaber for a really good price!

Absolutely fantastic

Got one for my nephew's 8th birthday present and he absolutely loves it!! He appreciates how realistic it is & treats it with care while also gets good use out of swinging it around (safely) to utilise all the great sound effects. Very happy with my purchase, thanks!!

Dooku saber

Absolutely love the saber. Really fun to play with very movie accurate. I’ve been a fan of this saber since I was 8 and I’m now 29 and definitely brings me back to my childhood. Buy one they’re definitely worth it

Kylo Ren Lightsaber
Rodney Primus


Tethys lightsaber
Thena E. MacArthur
Follow up to 1-star

Finally received my order. The saber itself is very nice. It was well packaged and complete. The fact that I ordered one thing, was told it was out of stock even though the website keeps saying it’s in stock, and given bad shipping info is not good. The product is excellent. Customer Service needs work.

Very cool!

I love it! I'm an older guy who was just 12 years old when the first star wars movie came out and I'm spinning my saber while watching the movies.
Luv it, good job!

Bro they can’t be serious

This was the absolute best lightsaber I bought mobile control the thrill of unboxing it and screwing the blade in you need this guys it’s essential to life

Gass Lightsaber
Barbra reviews from YouTube

Biggest piece of shit . DO NOT BUY!!!!!


great saber. works nicely and love the sounds. also its pretty bright but i still want a neopixel blade so im thinking on getting another lightsaber thats neopixel or just a neopixel blade. anyway great saber!

Tethys lightsaber
Andrew Janes
Tethys saber

Super happy. Thank you


This is my first quality saber, and I love it. The bluetooth gets a little glitchy and needs to be bizarrely close to my phone to sustain a connection, but besides that it is a fantastic, well built, beautiful device. Thank you.

Ghost Custom Lightsaber
nicholas mckenzie
Great saber, doesn't work

I purchased several Sabers from Zia Sabers. Blown away by the quality and fast shipping! My Ghost hilt does not work though.