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I really like this light saber I want this one so bad👍

Awesome lightsaber!

My Grandson loves it!!

Quality product
Just like their sabers. Would love to be able to review more of Zia sabers product

Mete Lightsaber
nighthawk 813

Mete Lightsaber

This saber is great!

I bought this lightsaber because I wasn’t satisfied with the one I received from the Disney parks and this is way better than Disney! Although I had not received any form of communication from Zia sabers and had no way of contacting them but just a few days ago I got an email from ups which confirmed my lightsaber was on the way.

Argo Lightsaber
Jeanette Marowelli

Argo Lightsaber

Not Lore Accurate

This is a monstrosity, Tulak Horde had a much more elegant and sophisticated lightsaber hilt designed for the most devastating duel forms. Please revise and redesign your Tulak Horde Saber

Lightsaber Stand
Craig Myhelic

Well right off the bat the scanning of the bar code wouldn’t work, so I went into learning the operation of the Sabre blind I ended up turning off the volume I emailed Zia and never heard back from them. I found out how to work the Sabre and my opinion I think the operation of the Sabre is difficult with holding the one and only button for 1 second then 1.5, 2, 2.5 and so on for all the different modes you can’t tell if you held it for 2 seconds or 2.5 I think additional buttons would make it better.

Mu Cephei Lightsaber
Hadeeya LaTayeh
pretty cool tbh!

i got it for like 60$ after shipping and its insane! The light is perfect, the quality, and the light of the saber. wasn't to hard to put together either..
the only couple downsides I had from it being perfect was that the comfort of the lightsaber wasn't the best and the charge time took some time... but dude I ain't being ungreatful cause from the time I got it for 60 bucks was a steal! i should have got two of them since I geniually would've spent 120 on a single saber!

Pretty cool saber

Has a nice weight to it . Craftsmanship is very nice and the quality is superb. Looks very nice in my collection on the wall. And as always it fun to play with .

Baylan Skoll Lightsaber


These are the coolest sabers, my kids and i have hours and hours of fun with them. Cant wait to buy more.

It’s massive!

Definitely a two handed lightsaber. It comes with a 32” blade but the hilt is so large it makes the blade look smaller, so I just ordered a 36” blade. It’s pretty cool how big it is. I just didn’t expect it to be that huge. A very beautiful piece though. Great saber. My brother and I collectively have 12 different sabers. Only one isn’t from ZIA. The Lotus doesn’t have the most fancy sound board, but it is nicely sensitive to swing and clash. I will say that it takes a while to do anything with the controls besides turning it on. But over all good. We only have like 3-4 sound boards that are better than this one. So it definitely holds its ground. Happy with this buy👌👌

Boone Kestis Lightsaber Proffie 2.2

Was very unsure with ordering from a random company. I searched for weeks and finally found a wicked deal I couldn't pass up with the NeoProffie 2.2.

First, this things is BOSS. It's got some weight.
Next, this isn't like other lightsabers from a few years back. This is a bit more complicated. BUT It's not hard to turn it on/off.
The color is BRIGHT. As a coworker said, DAMN!
GREATLY appreciate that it came with a cap for the light source.

Things I have issue with are:
the instructions are generic and show all 3 types they sell...but aren't labeled correctly. You an figure which is which but still.
What REALLY bothered me was the absolute lack of any information on the bluetooth feature. Literally nothing explaining how it works. (Look for Saber with Kylo's lightsaber in the app store. Eventually I got things under control. But there is little information provided, information that apply to these lightsabers.
Also, why is the volume SO LOUD.

Very happy with my lightsaber, now that I lowered the volume and figured out how to connect the bluetooth.

Argo Lightsaber
Deril Gray
Handy saber

Nice size for my hand the quality and craftsmanship is very nice. Looks good in my collection and on the wall. Handles nice when you are dueling.

Very nice but needs a little more

I just wanted to say that I love the lightsaber I just have 3 little complaints that I think could have been better.
1.Fix the sliding part on the ignition switch to lock in place some how
2.Use better quality speakers so it doesn’t sound so crackly
3. If there is a way to make the blade quick release that would be amazing I don’t like having to use a tool to remove the blade when I’m not using it.
The last two are for all the light sabers I think it would be nice to either start off with that or have the option to spend a little more to upgrade.

Alvey Lightsaber
calvin raymond

Alvey Lightsaber

Awesome lightsabers

I ordered two pixel lightsabers. The were shipped fast and arrived in perfect condition. The sabers are awesome! I’m a very happy customer and will definitely do business with Zia Sabers again!!

Mu Cephei Pixel Lightsaber


Devil Custom Lightsaber
Kowakian monkey lizard
Great saber!

It’s an amazing saber I have had so much fun with it, and it’s blade is super durable, although I brought it on an airplane and the screws holding in the prongs on the blade rattled out when I went to galaxy’s edge on a plane, great saber but they should include threadlocker or extra screws!

good store

would recommend. customer service appeared to be pretty good

It is a great piece for my collection. Great quality well built. Handles well in my hands. Looks great on the wall. Thanks Zia sabers for a great saber.


It is a good lightsaber I really like it my only complaint is that the blade is really rocky but besides that I love the lightsaber a lot

Gass Lightsaber
Krue Mulkey

Not worth 43$ it worth 100$ it’s very nice

Solid Saber at a Great Price

Initially there were problems with shipping, fault of the shipping company, but Zia Sabers looked into it and found that the shippers lost my package. Zia Sabers sent a replacement right away. When it arrived it was perfectly packaged without excess unnecessary packaging. It included a user manual, charging cable, SD card and card reader, battery, and tools needed to assemble the saber. I put it all together and charged it. After charging I pressed the power button. Man, this is one Beautiful Blade!!! So much can be done to personalize it to make it your own. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with this saber.