What Customers say About Zia Sabers

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Awesome saber

I absolutely love the Commander Saber. The concept of a pole arm lightsaber is such a neat concept. I have about 6 other sabers and this has the best sound and lights for a non neo Saber. Regardless Zia Sabers made a good product. For being over 5ft the hilt is sturdy and balanced. It doesn't bend or feel cheap. The blade is duelable. The shipping was fast as well. I cannot recommend this blade enough.

Absolutely perfect.

Best product ever. Has more features than advertised. Awesome. The best. Thank you.

DR Neopixel Lightsaber
Joshua Morrison
Light saber

It is a good gift

Grand gift for Grandboys

Well being a grandmother is a part is for the boys the only thing I can tell you is they absolutely love them. Their ages are nine and 14 I was surprised that the 14-year-old wanted it but he really loves you just as much and maybe even more than his nine-year-old brother

Purge Lightsaber
Zachary Lewis
Defective Light Saber, Terrible Customer Service

Light saber worked fine for less than a week. Then sound stopped working though lights still worked. Contacted customer service to return for refund, they agreed. Once I sent it back, they said they would NOT refund. I had to file a dispute through my bank. DEFECTIVE PRODUCT + DECEPTIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE = 100% DO NOT RECOMMEND. Save your time & money. Shop somewhere else.

No delivery received

I can’t give a review because we didn’t receive the order
Can u please check on the delivery address and get back to me

More than I expected

Down to the carrying case, it’s amazing. So many modes, so many sounds and actions. Just amazing. My boyfriend loves it!

Millennium Neopixel Lightsaber

Fantom Lightsaber
Michael S.
Bad return service

Received the wrong item and wanted to return it. Was delayed by there questions, 7 days had passed by the time I shipped it back, so now they only offer me store credit and not an actual refund. Pretty scammy tactics

Tavros Custom Lightsaber
Diego Villaronga
2 Sabers

Got 2 amazing sabers with the fast shipping less than a week out from may the 4th but it still came in time and my buddy loves his

You never sent me my saber & I have been trying to get a refund since

You did not mail me my saber I want a refund, how long until I get an actual reaponse? I have left voicemail & emailed consistently

Great Saber looks exactly as movie

ASW lightsaber is amazing. kids are enjoing it very much playing with each other and flashing lights all over around.

In love

it's amazing very fun to take pictures with and duel friends and definitely worth the 300 bucks


I believe my first order was two weeks ago. That order was lost by UPS. I placed another order with them paid extra for expedited delivery per UPS. That delivery was made appropriately in four days. Whatever the name of those Sabres were my grandsons love them.

Didn’t revive it

I got this for my birth day and it didn’t come, at least not yet it has been over 12 hours and no saver has appeared to come.

Trilogy Lightsaber
Cameron Martin

Dope as hell

Needed more sound fonts

It’s amazing craftsmanship and the only drawback that I have with it is that I wish there were more sound fonts like maybe 50 sound fonts.

Jedie saver

Best thing ever

Millennium saber

This light saber is a bang for its buck! It competes (and wins) with my $700+ savers. Smooth swing, twist to it ignite, every color RGB can make, 6 ignitions, 12 characters. Blaster deflection, tip drag. The saber is I REPLICA dispite not saying so in the description. Hands down the best item on there website. Oh and btw it’s only 250$!!!

BK Neopixel Lightsaber Proffie 2.2

Wonderful Saber

The Darksaber is unbelievably amazing! So many color, sound, ignition effect options! I love it so much! I’m trying to understand all of its features. My only complaint is that i was not notified when it shipped or anything but i am willing to put that aside because i am a very passionate Star Wars fan and the quality of this saber exceeds my expectations. Well Done!

Saviour Lightsaber
Lucas Wosik

Good saber for price

Don’t trust Patrick

Patrick lies about what the shipping consists of I love this seller they’re really cool I have a a lot of fun with my tarvos custom rgb lightsaber I even got to do stuff with it that I thought wasn’t possible he is a complainer blog hater that just wants to complain because his not really a good influence on me because I’ve bought 2 lightsabers from Zia and I think they are cool as heck!

Jarl Custom Lightsaber
Charles Norman
Super Cool

Super Cool

Absolutely amazing

This saber is extremely bright, has a ton of sound fonts, has incredible smooth swing, and not to mention two blades. Highly recommend getting this saber it will exceed your expectations as it did mine