Know The Legacy Behind Force Series Book 4 For Star Wars Exile

Legacy Behind Force Series Book 4

If you are reading this, you are probably confused about Star Wars: Exile. Do you want to know if “Star Wars: Exile.” is a movie, a series, or a short clip? Is it canon or Non-canon? Well, Star Wars: Exile is something you should know if you are obsessed with Star Wars and do not […]

The Secret Origin, History and Myths About Lightsabers Inventions

Myths About Lightsabers Inventions

A lightsaber is an iconic weapon in the Star Wars galaxy. The Jedis and Sith Lords have been using this weapon in a continuous war between good and evil. Jedis are using lightsabers to bring peace to the galaxy. Sith lords use lightsabers to get power and control.  We have been watching lightsabers for four […]

Lightsaber Gift Guide: Find Star Wars Fanatic in Your Life

Lightsaber Gift Guide

If there is something a Star Wars fan could buy or gift someone, it’s a lightsaber. Sadly, we do not have real lightsabers, but certainly, we can buy the lightsaber replicas. The Obi-Wan Kenobi series is ongoing, and the entire community is hooked. Meanwhile, birthdays and special events come and go. But you cannot let […]

Vaapad Form VII Lightsaber Description, Analysis and Fighting Style

Vaapad Form VII Lightsaber

The Jedi Order created 6 lightsaber forms one after another to create the best lightsaber form without any limitations or weaknesses. All six of the seven lightsaber forms required the use of the Light Side of the Force. These forms followed the Jedi code.  These six lightsaber forms were insufficient due to their weaknesses. A […]

Here’s What Users Don’t Know About Form VI Niman Lightsaber

Form VI Niman Lightsaber

The centuries of evolution of lightsaber forms ended up in the Shien lightsaber form (Fifth lightsaber form.) It balanced out both the offensive and defensive approach of combats. But, like any other preceding forms, form v also had weaknesses. The form v proved inefficient due to its lack of mobility in the combats. It was […]

Djem So Saber Form V Combat Training Lightsabers

Djem So Saber Form V Combat Training Lightsabers

The Lightsaber form III was a defensive form. The practitioners of this form normally had prolonged fights. It also restricted the practitioners from doing offensive moves. Jedis were always outnumbered in battles, and the defensive and lengthy fights did not help them in battles.  To overcome the weaknesses of form iii, Jedis developed two lightsaber […]

How To Spin A Lightsaber Behind Your Back With Form IV Ataru Lightsaber

How To Spin A Lightsaber

Jedi Order developed the third lightsaber form to minimize the weaknesses of the first and second lightsaber forms. The third form provides an unbreakable defense against lightsabers and blaster guns. But, with time, the weaknesses of the third form also began to appear.  While the third form had a tough defense like Mynocks, it lacked […]

A Peak Breakthrough Obi-Wan’s Form III Soresu Lightsaber

Obi-Wan's Form III Soresu Lightsaber

Jedi Order created many lightsaber combat forms to counter the rising threats of Dark Jedis and Sith lords. The first lightsaber form was effective against primitive swords. The second form was more precise and focused on a lightsaber duel. Both these lightsaber forms were more combat-oriented forms. They failed when the Sith lords came up […]

Who Have Wielded Non-Force Han Solo Lightsaber

Han solo lightsaber

Han Solo is one of the most iconic characters in movie history. In the 1977 movie “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope,” he first appeared as a cocky smuggler who quickly became a hero. Solo was portrayed by Harrison Ford, who brought the character to life with his charm and wit. Ford reprised […]

The Main difference between Blue Vs Green Lightsaber

blue lightsaber vs green lighsaber

You can get a green or a blue lightsaber, depending on your taste. You may not be able to find these colors on TV or in movies, but you can easily buy them from online retailers. It is also important to note that lightsabers come in a variety of colors, and the color of your […]