How Much Older is Padme Than Anakin? Five Years Age Difference

How Much Older is Padme Than Anakin

It’s hard to know how much older is Padme than Anakin because the actors are all so young. The age difference between Padme and Anakin isn’t significant, but it is still an important one. Although they are five years apart in age, Padme always acted much older than her age. In fact, she was even […]

How Powerful Was Darth Krayt? Story Behind Darth Krayt Lightsaber

Darth Krayt Lightsaber

Most of the Sith Lords was once Jedis. They turn to the Dark Side because of tragic life experiences. The fear and hate make them vulnerable to the Dark Side. It is why they always have interesting stories for the fans.  Darth Krayt is one such Sith Lord who lived during the era of the […]

All You Need To Know About Kotor Darth Bandon Lightsaber

Kotor Darth Bandon Lightsaber

To learn about Darth Bandon, we have to rewind back into the history of Star Wars. The times of the Old Republic when Old Jedi Order was in control thousands of years before the Palpatine’s Empire. Indeed, Sith Lords never got control over Galaxy after the Jedi-Sith War, but that does not mean Sith never […]

Every Lightsaber Wielded by Darth Maul

Every Lightsaber Wielded by Darth Maul

Darth Maul is an iconic Star Wars character who plays an important role in the story. He appeared as a powerful Sith lord for the first time in “Star Wars: Phantom Menace.”  Besides this movie, Darth Maul was also a part of the Clone Wars and Rebels series.  Darth Maul wielded a double-bladed lightsaber, as […]

Bane’s Heart Darth Zannah Lightsaber The Best Doublde Bladed Saber

Darth Zannah Lightsaber

Fans are recently talking about Darth Zannah and his lightsaber after the Video game Star Wars. The videos games of Star Wars gives us insight into many characters of the Old Republic. Yet, we do not get in-depth details about Darth Zannah Lightsaber and her life. So, we will quickly discuss the character Darth Zannah. […]

History Of Rey’s Lightsaber and Which Sabers are Used by Rey

History Of Rey's Lightsaber

Like many other Star Wars characters, there is still a lot to be revealed about Rey. The protagonist of the sequels of the Star Wars trilogy is a fun character to learn about. She is a Jedi taking the legacy of all the Jedis on a new journey. Just like her, Rey’s lightsabers are also […]

18 Most Realistic and Uncommon Types of Lightsabers

Most Realistic and Uncommon Lightsabers

Star Wars Saga is all about Jedis and Sith’s rivalry to control that “Far Far Away Galaxy.” The ultimate weapon they use against each other is lightsabers. While we enjoy watching blue, green, and red lightsabers, we also get glimpses of some uncommon types of lightsabers, sometimes in color and sometimes in types. Let’s dive […]

Travelling with Your Lightsaber by Air, Mail or TSA

Travelling with Lightsaber

How to travel with a lightsaber from Disney? How to get a lightsaber home from Disney World? People usually have these questions after they visit Disney. Other people just want to carry their lightsaber to their Jedi adventures, Cosplay event, or Halloween. Either way, they need an answer about how they can travel with their […]

How To Quickly Release Duel Lightsaber Coupler

Duel Lightsaber Coupler

Every Star Wars fan would love to get a Saberstaff in his hands, either for dueling or collection. Every lightsaber duelist wants Darth Maul’s replica lightsaber he used against Qui-Gon, but a better version. They want a standard lightsaber that they can change into a Saberstaff. A Saberstaff is always better than a standard lightsaber, […]

All You Need To Know About Supreme Leader Snoke Who’s the Lord

Supreme Leader Snoke

The Star Wars universe follows the same rules as our universe. As the bad dominates, so does the good prevails. Every era of Star Wars has Jedis fighting for peace and harmony. At the same time, the Sith lords use the same abilities to achieve their evil intentions.  After the rise of the New Republic, […]