What Happened to Yoda’s Lightsaber?

What Happened to Yoda's Lightsaber

Master Yoda used his lightsaber for the last time against Darth Sidious, as seen in “Revenge of the Sith.” Master Yoda fought against Sidious in the senate chamber, intending to kill him. But, Darth Sidious had gone more powerful than before. Despite Master Yoda’s utmost efforts, he could not defeat Sidious. Master Yoda’s lightsaber fell […]

 How did Maz get Luke’s Lightsaber?

 How did Maz get Luke’s Lightsaber

Star Wars, as we know, is a dimension of never-ending stories in that far, far away Galaxy. More stories raise more curiosities. The sequels of Luke Skywalker raises more questions than it answers. One of the questions that have stormed the Internet after the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Is how did Maz get Luke’s […]

How to Make a Lightsaber in Little Alchemy?

How to Make a Lightsaber in Little Alchemy

The success and fame of Star Wars Saga and the ultimate weapon lightsabers have grown so much that we get to see their involvement in many other games. In some games, we see the Star Wars characters as skins, while in others, we can create the lightsabers or even Jedis. MLBB is a MOBA game […]

How to Make a Lightsaber in Minecraft Education Edition?

How to Make a Lightsaber in Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft is an addictive game of a never-ending space where you can build anything you want. The education edition makes this game even better and provides an educational environment for players. In this version, you can create many cool things using science.  Minecraft crossed over a few times with Star Wars enabling the players to […]

Step by Step Guide On How to Build Lightsabers?

Step by Step Guide On How to Build Lightsabers

Are you ready to become a Jedi? Well! To become a Jedi, you need to build a lightsaber of your own. You may not be able to perform the Jedi rituals, but you can make a lightsaber right home. How cool is that? We live in times where we can benefit from technology and create […]

Where to Buy a Lightsaber? Things To Consider!

Where to Buy a Lightsaber Things To Consider!

So, you are all caught up with the Star Wars Saga and now ready to learn the ways of the Force. You know you may be strong with the Force, but you will never be a Jedi without a lightsaber. I know this is what brings you here. You want to know where to buy […]

Why are Lightsabers So Thin in Rebels?

Why are Lightsabers So Thin in Rebels

So, after the Clone Wars, you are now catching up with the Rebels series. The aftermath of clone wars. The people who won’t stand the Empire are rising and growing in numbers. A lost Jedi Kanan Jarrel with his team helping the ones in need and giving the Empire a hard time. The life of […]

Why do Lightsabers Turn Off When Dropped?

Why do Lightsabers Turn Off When Dropped

Star Wars galaxy is very similar to our world in many ways. Some of the Star Wars concepts are supernatural, but others are scientific. But, can everything in Star Wars be answered according to this logic? Let’s look into a famous question. Lightsabers are like swords or knives. We know when we drop a knife, […]

How Many Lightsaber does General Grievous Have?

How Many Lightsaber does General Grievous Have

“Your Lightsaber will make a fine addition to my collection.” These words of general grievous in ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.’ left us all wondering about the many lightsabers he was holding during the battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Where did he get the lightsabers? Does he own all of these lightsabers? Did he steal […]

A Complete Guide On How Do Lightsabers Work?

Lightsabers have always been the center of attention for Star Wars fans. We have watched these glowing swords stealing our hearts many times. No matter how many times we rewatch the lightsaber duels, we just feel the same as we enjoyed for the first time. Some fans just want to learn more and more about […]