FO Neopixel Lightsaber Proffie 2.2 (V3)

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Airplane Grade Aluminum Hilt
Extremely Bright 50-Watt NeoPixel LED Strip Blade
Advance Proffie 2.2 Board with Premium Sound
Realistic Flash on Clash
Motion Sensor Smooth Swing Sound
Lighting Fast Battery Charger
Duel Grade 36″ Polycarbonate NeoPixel Blade
 Display Stand
FREE NeoPixel Blade Plug

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Lightsaber Features

✓ Premium LED with Infinite Blade Colors. Super Bright LED with unlimited blade colors options + 12 preset colors for quick select.
✓ Premium Sound - Sensitive swing and clash sound, multiple sound fonts with ultra loud adjustable volume.
✓ Flash on Crash - Bright LED flashes on impact for realistic lightsaber duels
✓ Recharge Port & Lighting Charger - Quickly Recharge the lightsaber quickly for your next duel.
✓ Combat Grade Polycarbonate Blade - Super Strong shatter prof blade made of polycarbonate material for heavy dueling
✓ Screw Wrench - For your convenience, quickly change blade and belt clips.

Lightsaber Details

Hilt Material: Aluminium alloy
Blade Material: Light Diffusion PolyCarbonate (PC)
Blade size: 7/8 inch or 1 inch wide (exact blade thickness depends on hilt)
Color of blade: Unlimited colors with 12 presets
LED: 9 Watts RGB LED
Charger: Fast charging USB
Charging Time: 4 hours
Charging Voltage:  5V (MAX)
Battery:18650 3.7V Battery 2000mah

Included with Order

Lightsaber Hilt (1)
Polycarbonate Blade (1)
USB charger (1)
Six angle wrench in 7 font (1)


Additional information

The Fallen Order

Soundboard Type


Sound Fonts

8 Sets Volume Adjustments

Blade Type

Neopixel, Round

Blade Colors

12 Presets Including, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow

Blade Thickness


Blade Diameter

1 inch

Blade Length

32 inch (82 cm)

Charging Time

4 Hours

Reviews (14)

14 reviews for FO Neopixel Lightsaber Proffie 2.2 (V3)

Based on 14 reviews
  1. Joshua Dearwester (verified owner)

    Its a really good saber. I had issues with mine when I received it with the audio cutting in and out. I believe it was due to not being handled right in shipping. But when it did work it was great. Good company and great customer service.

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  2. Darren Forrest

    Really not worthy of the price, quality isn’t good, strength is also not there as it should be. Why you guys charging so high if this is the quality of your products. Annoying!!!

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  3. Will Salas

    Really cheerful lightsaber with outstanding quality of sounds and lights… Can’t help rating it a 5 star.

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  4. Andy Jones

    Lots of questions come to mind when you choose to buy from an online store, here about this store, I am telling you that the products here are completely reliable. Especially about this product, this product is perfectly according to the description and has a great quality of sounds, colors and flash with a strong blade and a sturdy handle. The control buttons are amazing too. Buy the product you want and enjoy the action.

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  5. Mr. Chipping

    It worked perfectly and is a really nice tool

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