Raven Custom Lightsaber


Airplane Grade Aluminum Hilt
Super Bright 9 Watt RGB LED with 12 Preset Colors
Advanced Sound Board with Premium Sounds
Realistic Flash on Clash
Motion Sensor Smooth Swing Sound
Lighting Fast Recharge
Duel Grade 36″ Polycarbonate Blade


Prepare yourself for dueling with this amazing Raven Custom Lightsaber. 

The Raven Custom Lightsaber is a model of excellence. The Raven has a clean and stylish hilt design that provides you a smooth and unimpeded movement of your guiding hand. This saber is single-tone, lightweight, and has the perfect balance that you desire from a lightsaber. With its slender design, and near weightlessness, it allows you one-handed combat with an infinite range of movement at unrivaled speeds or two-handed wielding for a stronger attack. The Raven provides an amazing hilt grip which makes it easier to maneuver and play this lightsaber. This amazing saber provides you with full control and is perfect for mix-ups in your various fighting styles. It allows you to apply additional leverage when using two hands and provides the ideal balance for one-handed combat. Because of these great features, this makes is it suitable for all users, children, and adults, male and female – this is a saber for everyone. With the beautiful hilt and lightsaber features, this is perfect for your art and choreography and prepares you for dueling. 

ZIA Sabers offers the collectors, enthusiasts, and duelers our amazing Raven Custom Lightsaber. The Raven features a tough aluminum body with a smooth grip section for a comfortable grip and machined grooves in the upper section of the hilt. It has a prominent 2 elevated ring design, one  around the emitter and one below it. The hilt is 27-centimeter long with a knurled pommel. This single-tone saber has a sleek hilt design paired with a 36-inch durable blade. The Raven is lightweight, sleek, has a perfect balance, and is definitely quick. We offer this duel-grade lightsaber that has a durable, shatter-proof Polycarbonate blade, excellent quality hilt materials, and superior electronics technology that gives all the amazing saber effects. This lightsaber also features our latest electronics package – an RGB LED color-cycle blade. The Raven is best suited for dueling and any lightsaber activity, featuring the latest 360 smooth swing technology for RGB sabers. This is a full-featured combat saber that comes complete and ready to go. If you want to wield a tough and duel-ready saber, this one is perfect for you.


The Raven Custom Lightsaber’s functions include Pre-Power ON, Blaster Deflection Effects, Lock-up Effect, Flash-On-Clash Effects, Volume Adjustment, Light Effective Adjustments, Force Sound Effect, Background Music, and Smooth Swing Effect. 

  • Airplane Grade Aluminum Alloy Hilt
  • Duel Grade 36″ Polycarbonate Blade
  • Combat – Grade Polycarbonate Blade
  • Super Bright 9 Watts RGB LED
  • Premium LED of infinite colors
  • 12 Preset Colors For Quick Selection
  • Advance Sound Board With Premium Sounds
  • Light Adjustments – Neutral light, Stable and Unstable color
  • Motion Sensor Smooth Swing Sound
  • 10 Sets Sound Fonts and Mute (Bensolo, Luke, I was waiting for this day for long time, The force, You have something I want, Horizon, Emperor, Obiwan Kenobi, Angry Ani Rots, Qui gin tonix)
  •  Durable Internal Electronic Chassis
  •  In-Hilt Recharge and Fast – Charging USB Charger
  •  2000mAh18650 3.7V Safety Protected Battery
  •  Great Quality 2-3 Watts 4/8 Ohm Speaker 

Included With Order: 

✓ Lightsaber Hilt (1)

✓ Polycarbonate Blade (1)

✓ USB charger (1)

✓ Hex wrench and screw set (1)


Hilt Colors: Gray 

Get this stylish and duel-ready Raven Custom Lightsaber now.

Additional information
Select Hilt Color

Black, Gray

Soundboard Type

RGB, Smooth Swing

Sound Fonts

10 Set Volume Adjustments


9 Watts

Hilt Color Tone

Dual Tone

Blade Type


Blade Colors

12 Presets Including, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow

Blade Thickness


Blade Diameter

1 inch

Blade Length

36 inch (92 cm)

Charging Time

4 Hours

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