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Actual Lightsaber

Alcor Pixel Lightsaber

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Alvey Lightsaber

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Anakin AOTC Lightsaber

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Apprentice Lightsaber

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Argo Pixel Lightsaber

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Arrow Custom Lightsaber

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Asajj Ventress Lightsaber

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Avenger Lightsaber

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Adult Lightsabers

Have you ever imagined dueling a lightsaber fight with such a real weapon it feels like it may start cutting everything? Probably not! Most lightsabers out there are toys made specifically for kids. These sabers are toys. No matter how real they look from the outside, they don’t have what it takes to be an adult lightsaber. As an adult, you won’t get the thrill you deserve from these lightsabers, especially at intense Jedi/Sith battle situations at tournaments, cosplay events, or friendly dueling. 

So, what is an adult lightsaber? What does it look like? And how can we use it as an athletic item while keeping it safe to use? Zia Sabers presents you with an entire category of Star Wars adult lightsabers. These realistic lightsabers have appearances that are rarely found anywhere in the market. While they may not cut anything, the detailing, features, and design are straight out of Star Wars Galaxy. 

Types of Star Wars Adult Lightsabers at Our Store

While we have hundreds of lightsabers at our store, the adult lightsaber category ensures that fans can find any type of lightsaber they want for adult use. We have seen more than 17 lightsaber types in Star Wars, and most of them are present at our store. Let’s look at some of the best adult lightsabers you can find at our store. 

  • Standard Adult Lightsabers

The Standard lightsabers, as we know, are the commonly used lightsabers by most Jedis. They are single cylindrical hilt lightsabers with one blade on top of the hilt. While these lightsabers have one blade, we have a variety of captivating hilt designs. They are either characters’ lightsaber hilts or have unique designs for your exceptional Jedi or Sith personality. 

Check out this type of lightsaber in the category above. You will surely find them the best adult lightsabers for professional use. 

  • Double-Bladed Lightsabers

When we talk about some of the top lightsaber types, the double-bladed lightsabers are always on the list of discussions. Double-bladed lightsabers are not only the children’s favorite, but even adults are obsessed with this saber type. 

As the fans know, the double lightsaber has a longer-than-average hilt with an emitter on both sides of the hilt. These emitters emit blades, and we get two blades on both sides, making it less like a sword and more like a laser rod. 

We have a collection of adult lightsabers with double blades. We have the lightsabers used by famous characters like Darth Maul. But we also have unique hilt designs on the list to match your unique Jedi personality. 

  • Crossguard Adult lightsabers

One of the coolest ever Star Wars lightsabers is Crossguard, wielded by the famous Sith lord, Kylo Ren. Why does it touch the heart of the fans? Well, its shape is like a giant medieval sword. 

While kids are more interested in tiny lightsabers like Yoda’s weapon, however, older fans prefer a traditional and realistic look in their lightsaber, and that is exactly what our adult crossguard lightsaber provides them. 

It has two quillion on top of the hilt, both emitting a laser. These quillons become a giant sword on fire with the main laser blade. Stay calm about the colors. If you do not want a red lightsaber, you can get multiple colored best adult lightsabers at our store. 

  • Inquisitor’s lightsaber for adults

Despite being used by the hated characters, the inquisitor’s lightsaber has one of the most advanced designs in the show. Have you seen a lightsaber hilt that can rotate? Only in the movies, right? Well, now it is possible as we have these adult lightsabers exactly how they should be in our store. 

You will get a circular hilt with blades on both sides of the hilt. The hilt has a rotor inside the hilt which will allow you to rotate the blades in a circular motion. How cool is that? Plus, the fine detailing of the hilt, such as the sounds, design, and theme of the inquisitor’s lightsaber, is justified with honesty. What else would you expect from a Star Wars adult lightsaber

These are some of the top sabers in our adult lightsaber category. But, if you explore the store, you will find tons of more fascinating lightsabers. So, get on to it already.

What is Special about Adult Lightsabers at our Store?

What is so special about adult lightsabers at Zia Sabers? Is it worth buying our lightsabers? These are some of the questions that may cross your mind. So, let’s get into the details about our lightsabers. We will talk about the specifications, features, and technology of our lightsabers one by one.

  • Hilts of Our Adult Lightsabers category

Many companies are selling plastic-made or 3d printed lightsaber hilts. These hilts appear reliable but will break in a few weeks, causing unnecessary trouble. As an adult fan, you want a reliable high quality lightsaber that you can trust in important events. Zia Sabers respects your choice. 

Our lightsaber hilts are made of plane-grade Aluminum material. It is a strong and unbreakable material that can stand heavy thrashing and can protect all sensitive electrical parts inside it. 

Moreover, Aluminum is a lightweight material. It allows you to easily swing it in any direction with the least effort put into it. It means you can rely more on technique and less on strength. With a polished surface, the hilt sits comfortably into the hands and provides an ultimate dueling experience. 

  • Best Adult Lightsaber Blades

While dueling a friendly lightsaber fight, the least you want is to break your blade. To prevent Star Wars fans from such situations, ZIA Sabers developed lightsaber blades made of pure polycarbonate material. It is a lightweight and flexible material, but its most prominent feature is durability. You can go hardcore more in the battle, but you will never worry about breaking your blade. 

Our blades are 36 inches long, 3mm thick, which is the most suitable size for any adult. We have LED strips inside the blade that provides multiple colors in one lightsaber. You can use up to 12 different colors with a single press of a button on the hilt.

  • Advanced Features in our Lightsabers

What do you expect the most from an adult lightsaber? The most important factor is how close it is to a Star Wars lightsaber in terms of light effects, sounds, and features. But, it is also important to have some extra features that are exclusive to your adult lightsaber only. ZIA Sabers covers both aspects to provide our fans with a perfect Star Wars adult lightsaber. 

So, what is special about lightsabers at our store? We have three different types of lightsabers in terms of technology. The first one is called Baselit. It is a basic type of lightsaber that provides basic Star Wars sounds and an LED bulb inside the blade. 

Then we have Xenopixel lightsaber. It is an advanced version with a lot more features than Baselit. It comes with LED strips that provide multiple colors and many more effects, such as clashing effect, lock mode effect, and many other advanced effects. It also includes tons of more Star Wars sounds, including smooth-swing sounds and clashing sounds. 

Then we have Proffie 2.2 board. It is the most advanced version of the best adult lightsabers at our store. It has all the features and specs of Xenopixel. However, the option to customize your lightsaber is an exclusive feature of Proffie. You can add or remove custom fonts and sounds into your lightsaber using a 256 GB SSD card that comes free with it.

The Xenopixel and Proffie 2.2 soundboards come in Neopixel technology and these lightsabers as also called as Neopixel Lightsabers.
The following table provides all the details you will find in our lightsabers.


Airplane Grade Aluminum Alloy 6063 Hilt


Combat Grade Polycarbonate blade

Blade Length


Blade width

3mm thick

LED Strips

50-Watt NeoPixel LED Strips

Blade Colors

12 preset colors

Light Effects

22 sets of Light effects

Sound Fonts

12+ RGB sound fonts


24mm Speakers with a & 2/4 ohm

Light Adjustments

Neutral light, Stable and Unstable color


3200mAh18650 to 3600 mah 7V Safety Protected Battery

Flash on Clash


Smooth Swing Effect


Motion Sensors


Blaster Deflection


Lock-up Effect



Proffie, RGB Baselit, Xenopixel depending on the model

Durable Internal Chassis


Fast Charger

Yes, with a 5V Fast charger cable

Board Variants

Xenopixel, Baselit, Proffie2.2 depending upon the model.

So, check out the category above and pick the best Star Wars adult lightsaber from our store.