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All Lightsaber

Imagine having an infinite collection of all types and colors of lightsabers, and you get to choose and pick whatever you want. Zia Sabers presents you with a separate category of all lightsabers for the convenience of the fans. So, never worry about not finding the lightsaber you search for.

Customizable lightsabers at Zia Saber

All lightsabers category at Zia Sabers facilitates the buyers with customization options. You pick a lightsaber of your choice and then customize it according to your own taste. You can have a blade of 12 preset colors with premium effects and features.

FAQs about All Lightsabers

There are almost 16 types of lightsabers with common and rare colors. You can get any of them now at Zia Sabers.

There are 7 lightsaber forms that Jedis and Sith lords use. Learn more about the lightsaber forms.

The known 7 colors of lightsabers are a blue, green, red, purple, dark, bronze, and pink color.

Luke uses at least three lightsaber colors, blue, green, and yellow.