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All Lightsabers Collection with All Types and Colors

Before the rise of the Empire, the galaxy was peaceful and organized. More than ten thousand Jedis were serving the Jedi Order and the Old Republic. So, we can only imagine how many lightsabers were used. Every Jedi owned at least one lightsaber, while some had multiple lightsabers. 

All lightsabers in the old Republic, or new Republic, were unique in appearance, type, and qualities. All Star Wars lightsabers can be summarized into 15 different types. These types can either differ in color, shape, or blades. 

Luckily, all lightsabers you saw in Star Wars are also available in the real world. They may not cut anything but are perfect for friendly duels at home or outdoors. You can explore these sabers above at our store.

Our lightsabers had a whole universe of features. But let’s get into the detail of all lightsaber types before you decide which one is best for you. 

All Lightsaber Types

  • Standard Lightsaber

The standard lightsaber is the first lightsaber type to appear on the screen. Obi-Wan gave the blue lightsaber to Luke. 

The standard lightsaber is very common of all lightsaber types, and most of the Jedis and Sith lords use this type. It includes a single lightsaber hilt and one blade. The standard lightsaber can have all types of lightsaber colors. However, we usually see green and blue ones.  

  • Dual Phase Lightsaber

The second lightsaber type is the Dual-phase lightsaber. This lightsaber type looks similar to a standard lightsaber. However, it is entirely different in its composition and inner structure. 

A dual-phase lightsaber is bigger in size than a standard lightsaber. Of all Star Wars lightsabers, this type contains two crystals. One crystal is the synthetic crystal, and the other is the Kyber crystal. Sometimes, a dual-phase lightsaber can have 3 or 4 crystals as well. 

  • Double Bladed Lightsaber

A double-bladed lightsaber is one of the coolest and longest of all lightsabers. Unlike most types, this type has two emitters on both ends of the hilt. Both emitters emit blades, making it a rod-like double-bladed lightsaber. A double-bladed lightsaber can come in all types of lightsaber colors, depending upon the crystals.

Like a dual-phase lightsaber, this type also has two crystals. Each crystal emits a blade on both each side of the hilt. This lightsaber provides a more extended range of attacks and crowd control against multiple opponents.

  • Curved Hilt Lightsaber

All types of lightsabers normally have flat hilts. But as the name says, this lightsaber type has a curved hilt. However, the blade resembles the standard type. The shape of the hilt provides better grip and lightsaber movement. These lightsabers better suit those who prefer precision and agility in lightsaber combats. 

This lightsaber type is the most demanding of all types of lightsabers. The Jedis need years of training to master technical lightsaber forms to use this lightsaber type. The most suitable lightsaber form for this type of lightsaber is the reverse Shien style and Makashi form. As Makashi is the most precise of all lightsaber forms, a curved hilt supports the hand and smooth swings.

  • Shoto Lightsaber

The shoto lightsaber is a unique type of all Star Wars lightsabers. It is a small-sized lightsaber, as the word Shoto means small in Japanese. 

This lightsaber type is used for Jedis of small-sized races. The total length of this lightsaber is less than half of a standard lightsaber. 

  • Crossguard Lightsaber

A Crossguard lightsaber has three blades. The main emitter emits the first blade, and the other two emit from the hilt’s quillons. These two blades are not for fighting purposes but for the beauty of this lightsaber type. Of all lightsabers out there, only these look like ancient medieval swords because of the quillons.

  • Inquisitors Lightsaber

The Inquisitor’s lightsaber is similar to a double-bladed lightsaber, also known as a double-bladed spinning lightsaber. It has two red-colored blades on both sides of the emitter. Its hilt contains synthetic crystals and can rotate in a clockwise direction. 

The Inquisitors could rotate their hilt and develop a defense with rotating blades. It is considered the best of all lightsabers in terms of defense.

  • Lightsaber Pike

Lightsaber Pike is a particular type of lightsaber designed for a specific group. It is also a double-bladed lightsaber. But, the hilt of the lightsaber pike is unusually long and extends to more than half the length of a lightsaber. The blades are small compared to a double-bladed lightsaber. The blade comes in only yellow, a rare color in all lightsabers of Star Wars. 

  • Great Lightsaber

The great lightsaber, also known as Lightclub or Lightsaber Club, is indeed a great weapon because of its giant size made for giant-sized Jedis. The blade of the great lightsaber is more than 3 meters long, making it the biggest of all Star Wars lightsabers. 

This lightsaber type is for the Jedis of giant-sized races. Its enormous size with a thick and large plasma blade made this lightsaber very effective in battles. Similarly, humans or other small-sized species find it very difficult to use a great lightsaber because of its size and weight.

  • Lightwhip

All lightsabers we have seen look like swords, but a whip-like lightsaber is unseen. That is because it is the rarest of all types of lightsabers. This lightsaber type has a single standard hilt but long and multiple whips instead of a blade. These whips can be of any type of lightsaber color, and you can extend them to many meters. 

  •  Darksaber

The Darksaber is one of a kind. It emits a dark blade with bright edges and has a sword-like edgy blade. It is the only one with a black blade in all lightsabers used by Jedis. It was once a Jedi weapon, but later it became a symbol of power for the Mandalorians. 

  • Lightsaber Rifle

This lightsaber type serves the purpose of both a lightsaber and a rifle. The hilt has an emitter on one side and a blaster hole on another side. 

There is another variant of this type of lightsaber known as the Lightsaber Pistol. As the name says, the hilt emits a blade and can also shoot bullets. 

  • Lightsaber Umbrella

This lightsaber has many blades on a long rod-like hilt. This hilt has an Auxillary oscillator on it. This oscillator allows the blades to rotate in a circular motion. This lightsaber type appears in the shape of an umbrella when it rotates. It is why it is called the Lightsaber umbrella.

  • Training Lightsabers

All lightsabers are for battles, but this is designed specifically for training. These lightsabers have a lesser blade length. It is a harmless lightsaber with a safe blade. Master Yoda trained the younglings with these types of lightsabers.

  • Katana Lightsaber

Katana lightsaber is uncommon in all types of lightsabers. This type appears twice in the Visions series. The unique fact of this lightsaber type is its sword-like sharp and edgy blade. The rest of the design is the same as a standard lightsaber.  

All Lightsabers at ZIA Sabers Store

All Star Wars lightsabers are now within your reach. ZIA Sabers provide these lightsabers in all colors, designs, and shapes. Besides these sabers, you can find tons of custom lightsabers, and all of them have many features, fonts, and effects. Scroll above, pick your saber and recreate the childhood lightsaber battles at your home. 

All Lightsaber Colors

Star Wars feature more than 8 colors in its lightsabers. Some are common, while others are rare. Moreover, one lightsaber has only one color in the show. But our lightsabers are better. You can get many colors in one blade. Every color is available in our sabers, from green to magenta to white. Some lightsabers feature up to 10 colors. Some can have a full spectrum of infinite colors in one blade. How convenient is that? 

Manufacturing Quality 

All lightsabers at ZIA Sabers are durable, with reliable materials and advanced technology. Let’s quickly look at our quality material.

  • All types of lightsabers come with an Aluminum hilt. It is a very durable material with a lower weight than PVC or 3d printed hilts. It supports smooth swings and provides a comfy grip in battles.
  • We create our blades with Polycarbonate material for all types of lightsabers. This material is transparent and intensifies the LED lights of the sabers. Moreover, the material is flexible, unbreakable, and harmless. Everyone can have fun, from kids to adults.
  • We power our sabers with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are the future of the world and apparently for lightsabers as well. These batteries come in different ranges and can last for more than 10 years. Once you charge them fully, you can go hardcore mode for the entire day.
  • All lightsabers have amazing features and effects. These features include smooth swing sounds, tip melt, drag effect, flash-on clash, clashing sounds, characters’ sound fonts, background music, light intensity control, sound control, motion sensors, and many more. Some even provide a customization feature which means you can add your own custom sounds to your sabers. 

Here is a more detailed table of features you will find in all types of lightsabers at ZIA Sabers.



Airplane Grade Aluminum Alloy 6063 Hilt


Combat Grade Polycarbonate blade

Blade Length

36 inches

Blade width

3mm thick

LED Strips

50-Watt NeoPixel, 9-Watt, and 12-Watt based on RGB board

Blade Colors

12+ colors to infinite color spectrum

Light Affects

22 Light effects

Sound Fonts

9, 12, or 22 sound fonts


24mm Speakers 

Light Adjustments

Neutral light, Stable 


2000mAh18650 to 3600 mah 7V Safety Protected Battery

Flash on Clash


Smooth Swing Effect


Motion Sensors


Blaster Deflection


Lock-up Effect



Proffie, RGB Baselit, Xenopixel depending on the model

Durable Internal Chassis


Fast Charger

Yes, with a 5V Fast charger cable


Customizable lightsabers at Zia Saber

All lightsabers category at Zia Sabers facilitates the buyers with customization options. You pick a lightsaber of your choice and then customize it according to your own taste. You can have a blade of 12 preset colors with premium effects and features.

FAQs about All Lightsabers

There are almost 16 types of lightsabers with common and rare colors. You can get any of them now at Zia Sabers.

There are 7 lightsaber forms that Jedis and Sith lords use. Learn more about the lightsaber forms.

The known 7 colors of lightsabers are a blue, green, red, purple, dark, bronze, and pink color.

Luke uses at least three lightsaber colors, blue, green, and yellow.

The best of all lightsabers is the one that connects with you. All lightsabers can cut metal doors. It's how you use them that makes them better than others. If you look at the design, the crossguard lightsaber is the best to buy.