Authentic Lightsaber

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Authentic Lightsabers

The authentic lightsabers that can retract and does not need a separate blade are becoming sensational after Disney announced one. Sadly, Disney officials also explained that this lightsaber was not for sale for now. But, you do not need to worry. We got you. The authentic lightsabers are now available for sale at Zia Sabers for you to enjoy lightsaber dueling.

Custom Lightsabers at Zia Sabers

At Zia Sabers, you will get the option to customize your authentic lightsabers. Besides the retractable blades, you can also get separate blades. You can get 12 preset colors with premium sound effects and an illuminating blade to surprise your opponents and dominate them in the duel.

FAQs about Authentic Lightsabers

The retractable lightsaber you get at Zia Sabers is exactly the same you see at Disney. The only difference is the price. You can get these lightsabers at half the price you saw at Disney.

Disney has one real lightsaber, but they have announced they are not selling this lightsaber. You can get the same lightsaber replicas at Zia Sabers.

The authentic lightsabers are retractable like Star Wars lightsabers, but they cannot cut through things.

The closest thing to a real lightsaber is authentic lightsabers that are retractable and available at the Zia Saber store.

A lightsaber cannot cut Beskat, Phrik, and some other materials.