Black Crystal Star Wars

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Black Crystal Star Wars

The black crystal Star Wars lightsaber, commonly known as the Darksaber, is one of the rarest sabers of Star Wars. It is one of its kind, but this black crystal Star Wars lightsaber replica is now available at Zia Sabers. 

Custom Black Lightsabers

Zia Sabers offers you customizing lightsabers to your taste. Get a Darksaber and customize it. You can have a double-bladed Darksaber. Wouldn't that be amazing? Customize your lightsaber and dominate your Star Wars community through your creativity.

FAQs about Black Crystal Star Wars

The black Kyber crystal is extremely rare in Star Wars Galaxy. We have only seen one Darksaber created by Tarre Vizsla throughout the series. You can get such a Darksaber at Zia Sabers.

Yes! There are black crystals in Star Wars, but they are extremely rare. The Darksaber wielded by Mando has a black Kyber crystal in it.

Black is a very rare Kyber crystal color, but the bronze color is considered to be the rarest color of Kyber crystals.

While some say it is a rare black Kyber crystal, others say Beskar actually powers it. Its hilt is made of high-quality Beskar material. This Beskar may be engineered to be used to power the Darksaber too. Either way, Zia Sabers has Darksabers in stock for you.

They are almost unbreakable, but as we saw, Kylo Ren's irregular blade pattern was because of his cracked Kyber crystal.