Black Series Lightsaber

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Black Series Lightsaber

If you are a person who is sensitive about the quality, Black series lightsabers are for you. Black series lightsabers are one of the best dueling lightsabers with advanced lightsaber accessories. The choices are even better if you decide to buy a black series lightsaber from Zia Sabers. The rates at Zia Sabers are reasonable, the experience is outstanding, and the quality is on top of the list.

Customizable Black series Lightsaber

Apart from quality material, Zia Sabers offers customizable black series lightsabers. We provide the most powerful lightsabers with 12 preset colors, fast charging, technological electronic boards, and much more. You can build a custom lightsaber of your own choice here. 

FAQs about Black Series Lightsabers

The black series lightsaber can be rated 10/10 in quality and reliability. You can access all these premium lightsabers at ZIA Sabers.

The black series lightsabers do not have removable blades. However, you can get special removable blades black series lightsabers at Zia Sabers.

The black series lightsabers you get at Zia Sabers have an Aluminium hilt and LED strips inside the polycarbonate blade. All of these combine to make a lightweight and blazing lightsaber.

The black series lightsabers can be as expensive as $400 at Amazon. If you explore our Zia Saber store, you will find amazing black series lightsabers from $50 to $600.

You can find up to 20 black series lightsabers of different Jedis and Sith lords at Zia Sabers.