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Jedi Padawans needed to learn an advanced knowledge of circuitry and the delicate components involved in constructing their lightsaber hilts. The exact design of the hilt reflected the preferences and capabilities of the Jedi. The next step was finding their kyber crystal.

Kyber crystals contain the power of the Force. When a Jedi ventured to the planet Ilum to find the crystal that would power their lightsaber, the right crystal would respond to them, calling out to them through the Force.

The Sith, like the Jedi, needed the technical and engineering skills to design a fully operational lightsaber hilt. However, the Kyber crystals of Ilum tended to resonate with the light side of the Force. In order to power their blades, Sith apprentices needed to either press their will into a natural crystal to make it surrender to the dark side, or create synthetic crystals that readily took on their creators' energies.

After losing his first lightsaber in a duel against Darth Vader, Luke had to create a new one. He reached out with the Force to find the perfect parts for his new build. Some parts were easy to obtain and purchase while others were very difficult to acquire.

Modern technology is amazing, and someday we may see real lightsabers used in military combat. The closest thing we know of today was recently developed by the team at Hacksmith. It is a 4000-degree plasma lightsaber that can cut through steel.