Blue Lightsaber

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    Blue Lightsaber

    The blue lightsaber has traditionally been associated with the Jedi. Many Jedi wield blue lightsabers, but if you are a Jedi, you may also wield a green, yellow, or even purple lightsaber. Jedi Master Yaddle even wielded an orange lightsaber. So why is the blue lightsaber so common?

    The Jedi Who Used Blue Lightsabers

    Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker both wielded blue lightsabers, and if you want to emulate one of them, you can fully customize any ZIA Sabers blade so you can have your own custom blue lightsaber. In the movies, you can see that many Jedi wield blue lightsabers, whether they be padawans, knights, or masters. This makes it clear that a blue lightsaber does not denote any particular rank.

    First and foremost, blue lightsabers are wielded by Jedi because their pure alignment with the light side of the Force causes the Kyber crystals that power their blades to emit the blue color. In the era of the Old Republic, a lightsaber with blue blade would have been used by a Jedi Guardian, but later on, during the clone wars, blue was commonly used by many Jedi.

    A Jedi Guardian was a type of Jedi who specialized in lightsaber combat in lieu of Force powers. A Jedi Guardian was still Force-sensitive, but they preferred to use their connection with the Force to aid in their swift blade techniques, empowering their swings and bolstering their blocks and parries. While you should be wary of engaging in a saber duel with a blue lightsaber wielder, there are some duelists with different colors who were even more powerful than typical Jedi Guardians.

    Count Dooku, Mace Windu, and Yoda were considered the three most skilled lightsaber users in the Clone Wars, and interestingly, none of them used a blue lightsaber. They prove that your skill with a lightsaber has less to do with the color of your blade and more to do with your training and mastery of the Force.

    If you want to find your lightsaber color, you must first meditate with the force and discover if you are a Jedi or a Sith. If the way of the Jedi calls to you, then consider if you wish to hone your force powers, your lightsaber skills, or something in-between. If you are focused on lightsaber skills, you may be a Jedi Guardian, meaning blue is the color for you.

    The durable polycarbonate material that all of our blades are made of makes them perfect for even the most intense lightsaber duels. Even if you are an incredibly strong Jedi Guardian, our blades will allow you to use even your most advanced techniques at full strength.