Color Changing Lightsaber

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Color Changing Lightsabers

Most of the lightsabers we see out there are do not change colors. The problem is solved as Zia Sabers brought the color-changing lightsabers to their online store. These are combat-ready dueling lightsabers and have all the other advanced lightsabers’ features at Zia Sabers have.

Customizable Retractable Lightsaber.

The customizable feature of these color-changing lightsabers makes them worth a try. You can get custom lightsabers exactly like a double-bladed lightsaber or any other type. Plus, the LEDs colors with 12 preset colors and premium Sound effects give you a real lightsaber duel feel.

FAQs about Color Changing Lightsaber

Most lightsabers at Zia Sabers have Neopixel blade. It means you can change up to 12 colors with just a button.

Jedis do not normally change lightsaber colors. Sometimes they do if they lose their lightsabers. Other times they do it as their symbol of Force abilities. Like, Dark Force users use red colors, those who are not Jedi or Sith use white colors and so on. You can get all of them in one blade at Zia Sabers.

Rey’s new lightsaber does not change color. After defeating Palpatine, she got a new yellow lightsaber and buried her previous one.

The rarest lightsaber colors are bronze, black, and white.

The strongest lightsaber color is considered purple, which you can get any time at Zia Sabers.