Curved Lightsaber

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Curved Lightsaber

Out of all the lightsaber designs, Curved lightsabers are the one every fan would want in their hands. The curved hilt allows the wielder to easily spin the dueling lightsaber with fingers. For that purpose, Zia Saber provides you the curved lightsaber category with tons of curved lightsabers to suit your choice. You can finally have a lightsaber that sits comfortably in your hands and allows smooth swings.

Customizable lightsabers at Zia Sabers

Customize these curved lightsabers with custom lightsaber accessories at Zia Sabers. Play with our stuff and build a unique lightsaber of your own unique choice. You also have the option to get a Neopixel blade that provides 12 preset colors. You also get tons of custom advanced features in your lightsaber.

FAQs about Curved Lightsabers

The curved lightsabers provide a better grip and angle to attack your opponent and dominate him.

Count Dooku used a curved lightsaber to complement his Form II of lightsaber combat which requires attacking from different angles with precision. Similarly, his apprentice Assajj Ventress wielded two curved lightsabers.

Noctyss, a Sith of ancient times, used a lightsaber with a curved blade.

Yes! We have seen curved lightsabers in Star Wars. You can also get your hands on Curved lightsabers at Zia Sabers.