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Custom LightSabers

Darth Sidious was a powerful master of the dark side of the Force, but he never would have been able to rule the galaxy if not for his Trusty lightsaber. Custom LightSabers from ZIA lightsabers may or may not give you the edge you need to rule the galaxy, but we can promise that you will be able to perform any kind of lightsaber combat maneuver with our durable polycarbonate blades.

Custom Sabers for Dueling

If you want to find a lightsaber that is unique and personal for you, look no further than ZIA Sabers. We have hundreds of custom sabers that can be adjusted to your specifications. Choose a hilt design that matches what you want to have, and then specify the color that the hilt is made in.

Light Sabers for Sale

We have some incredible high-quality models such as our Neopixel lightsabers and other fine and unusual hilts. Of course, if you are just a Padawan starting out, you may want to make a smaller investment, and that is where you will enjoy our light sabers for sale, many of which you can find for under $100.

FAQs About custom Lightsaber

Darth Sidious was more renowned for his mastery of the dark side of the Force, but when he finally showed his skills with a lightsaber, he could easily vanquish most opponents. Part of this was thanks to his use of the rare and dangerous Form VII, Shii-Cho. This form channeled the user's rage and passion to tap into devastating strikes and unique movements. Yoda and Mace Windu were the only Jedi who could really challenge Sidious in a fight.

Mace Windu was a prodigy, but what made him especially powerful with a lightsaber was the special form he invented. Vaapad was a variation of Form VII that used an opponent's anger against them. When Using Vaapad, Mace Windu could tap into his darker tendencies without being overwhelmed by them like a user of Shii-Cho would have been. Thanks to this, Mace Windu may have been the only Jedi Master on the council who could beat Sidious one-on-one.

Sidious' preferred variation of Form VII would overwhelm any Jedi who tried to use it, pulling them to the dark side. If you embrace the dark side, Form VII may be for you, but if not, you would need to have willpower like Mace Windu's to stay true to yourself.

The extremely hot temperatures of lightsaber blades cauterize any wounds as soon as they are made.

Once you get your hilt from ZIA Sabers, you can your blade by adjusting the settings of our infinite RGB color customization system.