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Custom Swords

The Lightsabers, also known as laser swords, are the essence of Star Wars. Every fan wants at least one in their home. Apart from the characters’ lightsabers, many want custom swords that are real lightsabers replicas but unique. Luckily you can create such a custom sword at Zia Sabers. 

Customizable Swords at Zia Sabers

The customization of the swords at Zia Sabers includes building your own hilt, a 12 preset colors blade, premium sound and lightning effects, and tons of amazing features. Get an experience like a true Jedi Knight by crafting your own lightsaber at Zia Sabers.

FAQs about Custom Swords

Swords in Star Wars are called lightsabers. You can get any of them at the Zia Saber lightsabers store.

We have seen traditional swords used by many races in Star Wars. Although, they were used in ancient times. The real weapon of Jedi is Lightsabers that you can access at Zia Sabers.

Any Star Wars sword that connects with you is best for you. So, the best option would be to explore our store and let the Force guide you to the right one.

They did in ancient times. However, with time and the invention of lightsabers, the traditional swords were no good anymore.

A lightsaber can cut through everything with the exception of a few materials. Swords are mostly metals, so lightsabers can easily cut through the swords.