Dark Saber

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    Darksaber Collection

    From light blue to intense blood red, lightsabers come in all colors, shapes, designs, powers, and features. We get to see loads of amazing lightsabers in prequels and original trilogies. However, the release of the “Mandalorian.” series opened doors for a new world of light sabers, especially the Mandalorian sword known as the Dark saber

    The Darksaber was introduced back in Clone Wars series but with little information. After keeping the fans oblivious about this special Mandalorian lightsaber for many years, Star Wars officials have finally unveiled everything about the Darksaber. Read more and learn everything you need about the one-of-a-kind Darksaber.

    Info About the Darksaber

    In the Star Wars universe, every lightsaber type is wielded by many Jedis or Sith lords. What makes the Dark saber unique is that there is only one Darksaber in the entire Galaxy of Star Wars. The Darksaber has a unique black blade, and the outer edges are bright. There is no other light saber in Star Wars with a black blade, only the Darksaber.

    Another unique feature of the Star Wars Darksaber is the shape of the blade and the hilt. It is an ancient Mandalorian lightsaber type that looks like an old Japanese sword. 

    While more lightsabers make vibrating sounds on clash, the Darksaber has more like an electrical buzzing sound that sounds cool and exceptional while dueling. 

    Unlike standard lightsabers, the Darksaber does not contain Kyber crystal at its core. Many believed its first owner made it with a special unbreakable material known as Beskar

    The Dark saber is not the weapon of the Jedi as it once was. It has belonged to the Mandalore planet since the beginning and represents authority and power. Anyone who wants to own the Darksaber has to win it in a duel.

    Specifications of Darksaber at Zia Sabers

    The black series Darksaber replicas at Zia Sabers come in a wide variety and exciting features for the ultimate Jedi experience. Have a look at some of the core features of the Dark lightsaber given below:

    • Rigid and comfy hilt
    • Unbreakable blade
    • Motion Sensors Smooth Swing Sounds
    • Light Intensity adjustment
    • Blaster Deflection effect
    • Neopixel blade (12 Preset colors) with LED Strips inside
    • 12+ Sound fonts
    • 22 Light Effects
    • Removable battery with a fast charger
    • Full functionality with single button operation
    • RGB Light emitting head

    You can have an in-depth insight below into all the specs and functions of black series Darksaber at Zia sabers.


    Airplane Grade Aluminum Alloy 6063 Hilt


    Combat Grade Polycarbonate blade

    Blade Length


    Blade width

    3mm thick

    LED Strips

    50-Watt NeoPixel LED Strips

    Blade Colors

    12 preset colors

    Light Effects

    22 sets of Light effects

    Sound Fonts

    12+ RGB sound fonts


    24mm Speakers with a & 2/4 ohm

    Light Adjustments

    Neutral light, Stable and Unstable color


    3200mAh18650 to 3600mah, 3.7V Safety Protected Battery

    Flash on Clash


    Smooth Swing Effect


    Motion Sensors


    Blaster Deflection


    Lock-up Effect



    Proffie 2.2, RGB, Xenopixel depending on the model

    Fast Charger

    Yes, with 5V Fast Charger Cable

    Durable Internal Chassis



    History of the Darksaber in Star Wars

    The origin of Dark saber was quite a mystery, even for hardcore fans. But no more!

    It is an ancient Mandalorian sword built by a Mandalorian Jedi known as Tarre Vizsla. He was the only Mandalorian who was a Jedi, and he created the Darksaber about 1000 years before the event of Luke Skywalker. 

    Tarre Vizsla created the Darksaber with Beskar material. He did not use any Kyber crystal. Instead, he used some rare kind of Beskar to craft the hilt of the Darksaber. Din Djarin himself accepted in “Book of Boba Fett.” that he never saw this pure quality Beskar material before. However, the power source of the Star Wars Darksaber without a Kyber crystal remains a mystery. Most Mandalorian tribes believe Beskar itself is the power source of Darksaber. 

    Tarre Vizsla united the Mandalorians and the Jedi Order and acted as a bridge to keep them working together. After Tarre Vizsla died, the tensions between the Jedi Order and the Mandalorian tribes began to rise. The Jedi Order kept the Dark saber safe in the Jedi temple archives. But, the Mandalorians wanted it back. This started the famous war known as the Jedi/Mandalorian war

    The Mandalorians lost the war but managed to get the Darksaber back. They have been keeping the dark saber safe for hundreds of years. It has been passed to generations of different tribes of Mandalore. According to the law, anyone can challenge the owner of the Darksaber. If he wins the fight, he rightfully gets to hold Mandalorian Darksaber and sit on the planet’s throne. 

    As the Sith Lord rose again and overthrew the Old Republic, the story of the Darksaber was revealed with more details. 

    Clone Wars  

    Do you remember that Obi-Wan Kenobi defeated Darth Maul in Episode 1, and everyone presumed him dead? Well, Maul survived somehow and appeared again in the Clone Wars series. He went to Mandalore planet and challenged the holder of Darksaber. A descendent of Tarre Vizsla named Tee Vizsla was the owner of the Darksaber, and he accepted the challenge.  

    After a furious fight between the two, Darth Maul won the duel, and he earned the Dark lightsaber according to the law of Mandalore. Moreover, he also got to rule Mandalore as their king. He kept the Dark saber in all seasons of Clone Wars, even after he lost the throne of Mandalore. 

    In the last season, Maul fought against Ahsoka Tano and lost. He was taken back to Coruscant planet right before Order 66. He did not have the Darksaber on him and kept it safe. The details of the Darksaber’s location stayed a mystery in the Clone Wars series.

    Darksaber in Rebels

    The Darksaber became part of the story again in the Rebels series. This series is set after the Sith Empire gained control of the Galaxy. A squad of some youngsters rebelled against the Empire. One of those rebels was Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian girl. 

    On their one mission, Sabine Wren went on Dathomir planet to save his friend, Ezra bridger, from Darth Maul. She found the Mandalorian Darksaber in Darth Maul’s whereabouts. He was hiding the Darksaber on his home planet. 

    Sabine took the Darksaber and brought it back. She trained with Darksaber but soon realized she was not made for this Mandalorian lightsaber. So, she took it back to the Mandalore planet and gave it to another Mandalorian, Bo-Katan, before the end of the Rebel series. 

    Darksaber in Mandalorian

    Bo-Katan took the Darksaber without a fight which was against the law. According to the Mandalorian lore, anyone who took the Darksaber without a duel will be the reason for bringing destruction to Mandalore planet. The same thing happened, and the Empire attacked Mandalore and burnt the whole planet down. Few Mandalorians survived and lived in hiding. Bo-Katan also lost the Darksaber during that attack, and it went into the hands of the Empire’s top official person, Moff Gideon. 

    In the Mandalorian series, Mando fought with Moff Gideon, defeated him in a duel, and rightfully earned the Darksaber according to the law. 

    In “Book of Boba Fett.” Din Djarin, aka Mando, began to learn how to use the Darksaber. He realized that emotions heavily influence the Darksaber’s powers. One must make a bond with the Darksaber to effectively use it. If not, the Dark saber feels too heavy to use. 

    We will learn more about the Darksaber in the next part of the Mandalorian series. 

    The appearance of the Darksaber 

    A lightsaber is an iconic weapon of Star Wars. We all know these weapons as laser swords. But, most lightsabers do not exactly look like swords. The standard light saber has a hilt that emits a long rod-like laser. But what about the appearance of the Darksaber?

    The Dark lightsaber is indeed exceptional in appearance from other lightsabers. It has a black blade, and the outer edges of the blade are bright and shiny. The hilt is made like a traditional sword’s hilt, and the Beskar material of the hilt gives it a unique texture. Not just the hilt, the blade curves from the top and look exactly like a traditional Japanese sword. 

    The Darksaber has all the functions of a lightsaber but has a unique badass appearance. It makes unique electrical sounds while dueling, giving the saber an upper hand over other lightsabers. 

    Despite all that, Darksaber has a unique unexplainable feel. It is not a weapon of the Jedi anymore. The mixture of Mandalore’s traditional architecture and the Jedi Order’s abilities is what makes the Dark lightsaber truly unparalleled. 

    Darksaber at Zia Sabers

    The category of the black series Darksaber involves different types and sizes of Darksabers with various features and functions. All the Dark sabers are of premium quality. The build is durable, and the appearance meets the standards of real Mando’s Darksaber. The best part is that we sell Neopixel darksaber under our Neopxiel Lightsabers category. It means you can get multiple colors in this Mandalorian sword.

    Our Darksabers make a perfect accessory for those who want to cosplay Mandalorian warrior on Halloween or some other cosplay event. You can also use it for friendly dueling. Our light sabers are known for their shatterproof feature. If you just like it on display, so be it. You will get a free display stand to add the Darksaber to your display collection. 

    The most important feature of our lightsabers is their customizable options. You can literally build your own custom Darksaber at our store. So, if you want to build a Darksaber to match your unique personality, do not hesitate to contact us. 

    How to Maintain Your Darksaber?

    Do you want to know how to maintain your lightsaber to keep it working smoothly and efficiently? Follow the tips given below:

    • Clean it after every battle.
    • After dueling, remove the blade and keep it safe with the hilt.
    • Make sure to turn off the hilt after dueling.
    • Do not fight with a low quality lightsaber.
    • Do not discharge the lightsaber completely. 
    • In case of fault, contact our store right away.

    Unlike traditional lightsabers, the Darksaber emitted a flat blade reminiscent of a traditional sword and was a bit shorter than a normal lightsaber blade. It emitted a higher-pitched sound when activated. Unlike normal lightsabers, it had a jagged, angular hilt design.

    Lightsaber blades would be drawn to the Darksaber with an almost magnetic pull, making it highly effective at parrying the attacks from any lightsaber wielder. The current of power flowing through the blade modulated in response to the thoughts and emotions of the wielder, making it especially dangerous in the hands of an impassioned and devoted warrior.

    Unlike a typical family relic, the Darksaber did not remain in the hands of the Vizsla clan, nor was it always passed down through inheritance. It was said that the only way to truly claim the Darksaber was to defeat its previous owner in combat.

    The Darksaber was truly a powerful lightsaber, but even a powerful weapon is only as good as the duelist wielding it. The Darksaber was wielded by Pre Vizsla, one-time leader of Death Watch, but Darth Maul killed him and took it from him. Maul kept the blade until he was defeated by his former master, Darth Sidious.

    Normally, the Kyber Crystal found by a Jedi or Sith would respond to the wielder's alignment with the force, producing one of several blade colors. The Darksaber, however, was custom-built and glowed black because of the unique methods used in its construction.