Dark Saber

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Dark Saber

The Dark Saber or Darksaber was a unique lightsaber created by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian to ever be inducted into the Jedi Order. This weapon was a symbol to the Mandalorians. Whoever wielded it could unite the Mandalorian people by commanding their respect. Because of this weapon's power and symbolic greatness, it was sought after by many.

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You can pick from hundreds of different lightsaber hilt options and blade lengths so you can have your own custom version of the fabled Darksaber. You could rise to unite the peoples of Mandalore or keep the power of this weapon to yourself, only bringing it out against the most worthy of opponents. Both Jedi and Sith feared the Darksaber because of its unusual properties that made it difficult to deal with on the battlefield.

Unlike traditional lightsabers, the Darksaber emitted a flat blade reminiscent of a traditional sword and was a bit shorter than a normal lightsaber blade. It emitted a higher-pitched sound when activated. Unlike normal lightsabers, it had a jagged, angular hilt design.

Lightsaber blades would be drawn to the Darksaber with an almost magnetic pull, making it highly effective at parrying the attacks from any lightsaber wielder. The current of power flowing through the blade modulated in response to the thoughts and emotions of the wielder, making it especially dangerous in the hands of an impassioned and devoted warrior.

Unlike a typical family relic, the Darksaber did not remain in the hands of the Vizsla clan, nor was it always passed down through inheritance. It was said that the only way to truly claim the Darksaber was to defeat its previous owner in combat.

The Darksaber was truly a powerful lightsaber, but even a powerful weapon is only as good as the duelist wielding it. The Darksaber was wielded by Pre Vizsla, one-time leader of Death Watch, but Darth Maul killed him and took it from him. Maul kept the blade until he was defeated by his former master, Darth Sidious.

Normally, the Kyber Crystal found by a Jedi or Sith would respond to the wielder's alignment with the force, producing one of several blade colors. The Darksaber, however, was custom-built and glowed black because of the unique methods used in its construction.