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Disney Lightsabers

Disney Lightsabers are one of the best and premium quality lightsabers. However, you will have to travel to Galaxy’s Edge to craft your own Disney lightsaber. Zia Sabers saves your time and energy by providing you all the Disney Lightsabers at their online store. The quality of Zia Sabers lightsabers is as good as Disney Lightsabers, if not more.

Customizable Disney Lightsabers

While Disney provides you with already built lightsabers at their Dok Andor’s Den, the customizable option only comes with lightsabers at Zia Sabers. All the custom lightsabers Replicas, including the 18 uncommon lightsabers, save you the trouble of searching and ensure it fills the purpose of experiencing the Real Lightsaber duels.

The lightsabers at Disney can cost you up to $220, excluding the tax. The same Disney lightsabers can cost you less if you explore the Zia Sabers store and pick the right one.

Disney announced the bad news that their retractable lightsabers are not for sale. Lucky you, Zia Sabers offers Disney lightsabers that are retractable at affordable rates.

Yes! Disney lightsabers at Zia Sabers are safe and perfect for family or friendly duels. Are Disney Lightsabers Collapsible?

Disney officials mentioned they won’t sell the new retractable lightsaber. Do you want a retractable lightsaber? Explore the Zia Saber store for tons of retractable custom lightsaber options.