Electrum Sabers

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The World of Electrum LightSabers

While the lightsaber is one of the most renowned weapons of all time, Electrum LightSabers are a slightly more uncommon form of this unmistakable icon. According to Star Wars lore, Electrum is a rare crystal native to the Anoat system; this crystal is used to accent lightsabers and other weapons with a gold finish. You may recognize this type of detailing on the lightsabers of Master Mace Windu and Darth Sidious.

Finding the Best Custom Electric Sabers

Unlike some competitors, ZIA Sabers is dedicated to producing Custom Electric Sabers that provide the most immersive experience possible — virtually every lightsaber comes with infinite customizable LED blade colors, premium lightsaber sounds, flashing on contact and durable duel-grade polycarbonate blades, all for free! ZIA also provides a small screw wrench for basic lightsaber maintenance at no additional charge.

LED Lightsabers for Every Occasion

You may have any number of reasons for needing LED Lightsabers for Every Occasion. If you're an avid cosplayer, a custom lightsaber is the perfect way to finish off your Jedi or Sith costume. For those involved in fencing or other forms of martial arts, a lightsaber can take your swordplay to the next level. Even if you're just looking for a unique way express your love of Star Wars, nothing completes a room like mounted lightsabers!

FAQs About Electrum Lightsaber

In the earliest days of the Jedi, the different colors of kyber crystals represented a Jedi's chosen class: blue represented the Jedi Guardian, while Green stood for the Jedi Consular. Yellow was reserved for the Jedi Sentinel. Nowadays, however, lightsaber color is more of a cosmetic feature.

Custom Electric Sabers are powered by kyber crystals — these special gems and stones held the essence of the Force and were hand-picked by each Jedi for his or her lightsaber.

In general, the blades of Electrum LightSabers are roughly 3 feet in length. The hilt of the lightsaber is usually around 10-11 inches long, making for a combined weapon length of nearly 4 feet.

Lightsabers are meant to be lightweight and easy to wield, so they typically weigh just over 2 pounds. Since the saber blade is an emission of concentrated plasma, it only accounts for about 0.2 pounds; the hilt containing the lightsaber's internal electronics makes up the remaining 1.2 pounds.

There are countless makers of LED Lightsabers out there, and no two are exactly alike. The best creator is one who can produce a lightsaber that tailors to your fighting style and design preferences while staying within your budget. That's exactly what ZIA Sabers strives to do every day, so you can be sure that your lightsaber is unique to you and durable enough for combat.