Galaxys Edge Lightsaber

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Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber

At the massive 14-acre Galaxy's Edge Star Wars attraction at Disneyland, you can find your very own amazing Galaxy's Edge lightsaber, if you are willing to pay the hefty price. We at ZIA Sabers believe that a true Star Wars fan should have access to the best in modern dueling lightsaber technology without having to pay the extreme price tag that comes with a lot of the official Disney merchandise.

Try ZIA Galaxy Lightsabers

When you get a fully customized lightsaber from ZIA, you can master the deadly Form VII of Sith Lords like Darth Sidious, or the stalwart Form IV favored by Jedi Master Yoda. Galaxy Lightsabers from ZIA Sabers are guaranteed to be just as good as any of the top lightsabers on the market.

Buy Custom Lightsabers from ZIA

When you shop at ZIA, you get an even better advantage. We will customize your order to match your exact specifications down to every detail, from the shape and size of the hilt to the length of the blade, to the color of the hilt itself. You can even choose a blade color using our infinite RGB color customization settings that come with every one of our custom lightsabers.

FAQs About Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber

When you shop at Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland, you have to buy the hilt and blade separately. On average, you will spend approximately $200 if you shop at this Disney store. You can get a lightsaber from ZIA of comparable quality for a much lower price of $79.

When you go to Galaxy's Edge, you must go through the whole story and build your lightsaber yourself. While this may be an enjoyable experience for some, not all of us have the time or resources to make that journey. When you order your lightsaber from ZIA, it can be shipped straight to your mailbox with all the hard work of building it already done for you

There is some degree of variability at the Galaxy's Edge store, and you can choose from a blue, green, red, or violet kyber crystal that will permanently fix the color of your lightsaber.

We at ZIA Sabers understand that your alignment with the Force may change over time. That is why all ZIA lightsabers come with infinite color customization capabilities that allow you to switch the color of your blade at any time.

A simple internet search can teach you all of the basics of the lightsaber forms used in Star Wars, but if you truly want to master a form, you should enroll in a lightsaber dueling academy.