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    The Meaning of the Garaflex Lightsaber

    There are several “easter eggs” hidden throughout Star Wars mythologies and lore. While many people know that most of the names selected for minor characters are simply anagrams of people who worked on the films, there are even more interesting tidbits to discover. This is especially true of the garaflex lightsaber. Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber is often referred to as “graflex” in various sources. The reason why is connected to a real-world person who worked on the Star Wars films.

    The Power of the Garaflex Saber

    In the Star Wars movies, “graflex” is also known as the lightsaber passed from Anakin Skywalker to Luke Skywalker to Rey, depending on the trilogy in question. In the real world, the name graflex comes from the design of the hilt. A popular camera at the time of the filming of “A New Hope” was the Graflex. Featuring a similar design the garaflex saber is meant to invoke the name and style of this specific camera.

    Ordering a Custom Garaflex Saber

    With a slick look of its own, there are plenty of good reasons why you might want to wield your own graflex saber. Whether you’re looking to put together a Skywalker costume for Halloween or a comic convention or you simply want to own a cool piece of your favorite franchise, a custom garaflex saber is an ideal fit for your needs. Explore your options and see how it compares to other popular models.

    FAQs About Graflex Lightsaber

    Ordering your own customized saber is a fast and easy experience. Give yourself an opportunity to look at the offerings at ZIA Sabers and give yourself an idea of the various styles available to you.

    Various lightsaber colors tend to have different significance in the Star Wars lore. If you want a degree of authenticity with your saber, be sure to look over the various meanings and get a better idea of your options.

    The TSA allows passengers to fly with a lightsaber under specific conditions. As long as the saber is disassembled and safely stored in your bag, you can feel free to bring it with you on a flight.

    People invest in custom lightsabers for a number of reasons. Some simply wish to own a cool accessory that connects them to their favorite stories. Others will use custom sabers as costume pieces or to take to conventions.

    They sure are! Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, using your own custom saber to duel a friend is definitely an amazing way to unwind and have a bit of fun. Ordering your own customized lightsaber is an amazing way to get in touch with the Star Wars fan within. See what ZIA Sabers has to offer and discover a blade that helps you feel like the Jedi you are