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    Green Lightsaber

    The green lightsaber color is iconic in the Star Wars universe. It was the color of the Lightsaber Luke Skywalker used in his final battle against Darth Vader. Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn are two of the most well-known users of green lightsabers. Green lightsabers were used by many Jedi during the Clone Wars, but in the earlier days of the republic, green blade colors held a special meaning.

    Channel the Force With a Custom Green Lightsaber

    You can use your very own custom green lightsaber to vanquish your dark side foes when you order from ZIA Sabers. All of our lightsabers have infinite color customization settings, so you could wield a lime green, yellow-green, or even an emerald lightsaber if you so choose.

    The color of a lightsaber resulted from the interaction of its wielder's alignment of the Force with the Kyber crystal used to power the blade. A Jedi would typically end up having a lightsaber with green blade, though blue and yellow were also common colors. During the Clone Wars, typically green or blue lightsabers would be seen on the battlefield, whereas during the era of the Old Republic, yellow lightsabers were much more common. In the Old Republic, a green lightsaber indicated a Jedi Consular.

    Jedi Consulars specialized in using their Force abilities to overcome their opponents. A Jedi Consular could certainly hold their own in a lightsaber duel, but where they shined was in the use of long and mid-range Force powers. When facing an adversary, a Consular would likely keep their distance by using powerful telekinesis and Force-enhanced acrobatics. The most advanced Consulars could heal injuries, absorb Force lightning attacks, and create illusions in the minds of large groups of people.

    To know what lightsaber color is right for you, go deep into meditation and search within yourself to find out if you are a Jedi or a Sith. If you know you are a Jedi, you must then decide if you want to focus on your lightsaber skills or your Force powers. If you see yourself dominating your enemies from a distance with the Force, you may be a Jedi Consular who should wield a green lightsaber.

    If your Consular Force powers cannot keep your opponents from engaging, you need not worry as long as you are wielding a ZIA Saber. All of our blades are made of a resilient polycarbonate material that will repel strikes from even the most advanced combatants.

    Remember that if you have a green lightsaber, that is only the first step to emulating the legendary Luke Skywalker. Luke was born with an incredible gift in the force, and he realized his true power by training with Master Yoda. If you want to have powers like Luke, you must first find a Master to train under.