Inquisitor Lightsaber

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Inquisitor Lightsaber

Many people prefer to buy Jedis or Sith lightsabers. At the same time, a real fan cannot get his eyes away from the inquisitors' lightsabers. Inquisitors are villains, but their double-bladed lightsabers are the coolest and considered one of 18 rarest lightsabers. A rotatable hilt allows the user to rotate their double blades. The best part is that you can now buy inquisitor dueling lightsaber replicas at Zia Sabers.

Custom Lightsabers at Zia Sabers

Custom lightsabers are a desire of every Star Wars fan. Well, this is why Zia Sabers exist. We make sure every fan gets what he wants. So, build the real lightsaber of your own choice with all lightsaber accessories and get it at your home in few days. The features include 12 preset colors, fast charging, an Aluminium hilt, an unbreakable blade, tons of sound, flash-on-clash effects, and many more.

FAQs about Inquisitor Lightsabers

Apparently, all the inquisitors wield the same lightsabers with a rotatable double-bladed hilt and two red blades. You can also get the same Inquisitor lightsaber at Zia Sabers.

As Jedi hunters, the spinning lightsabers of inquisitors could serve as a menacing weapon. These lightsabers were built by Imperial engineers with synthetic red Kyber crystals in them.

"There can only be two, a master and an apprentice." Sith lords are always two. The inquisitors are taught in the same way as Sith lords, but they are not counted as Sith lords.

The Grand Inquisitor we see in Clone Wars was the strongest Inquisitor, and he was once a temple guard.