Katana Lightsabers

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Lightsaber Katana

Every Star Wars enthusiast will want to get their hands on lightsabers Katana, also called Laser swords. That is why we provide you the best quality Star Wars swords at Zia Sabers. If you are new, learn about all types of lightsabers and then go on to explore our infinite collection of amazing lightsabers. 

Customizable Star Wars Swords

All the glowing lightsaber Katanas are realistic and top-quality. That is not it. At Zia Sabers, you can customize your own Katana the way you like them. Including 12 preset colors blade, you get lightsaber sounds effects, flash-on clash, fast charging, and tons of more custom features.

FAQs about Katana Lightsabers

Katanas are traditional Japanese swords. Lightsabers are also some sort of swords with laser blades. So, you can call them lightsaber Katanas too and can buy one at Zia Sabers.

Gira was a Jedi Knight who served during the Clone Wars. He wielded a special type of lightsaber with a design of sword known as lightsaber Katana.

The Darksaber is one of the most unique lightsabers. It emits a laser blade, but the blade is of traditional Katana design, unlike other lightsabers.

They did in ancient times. However, with time and the invention of lightsabers, the traditional swords were no good anymore.

A lightsaber can cut through everything with the exception of a few materials. Swords are mostly metals, so lightsabers can easily cut through the swords.