Legit Lightsaber

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Legit Lightsaber

Are you wondering about getting a legit lightsaber? A real lightsaber replica? You are at the right place. Zia Sabers provides you with officially and unofficially lisenced legit lightsabers. These lightsabers do not cut metal but look very real, a perfect weapon for friendly dueling, Cosplay events, and even as a display.

Custom Lightsabers

The best thing about legit lightsabers at Zia Sabers is their customizable option. You can customize your lightsabers according to your will. The features include 12 preset colors, fast charging, premium sound effects, other lightsabers effects, Aluminium hilt, and much more.

FAQs about Legit Lightsabers

Of course, you can buy a real lightsaber replica at Zia Sabers, the most popular lightsabers platform. Explore our store and let the Force guide you to the right lightsaber.

The best website to buy lightsabers are Zia Sabers website. We have hundreds of lightsabers with many categories for you to dive in.

Yes! Disney announced their real-life lightsaber. Sadly, they are not selling the real lightsaber. You should explore the "Zia Sabers" online store for real lightsabers.

The real-life lightsabers that are actually retractable can cost you more than $200 at least. If you prefer to go deep down into the market prices, search our online store and see vast varieties of hundreds of dueling lightsabers.