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Why buy Level Up Lightsabers from ZIA Sabers?

Strong Lightsaber Hilt

Lightsabers Shipped in 6 Hours

We process all lightsaber orders the same business day. Within 6 hours you will have a shipment tracking number. Unlike others, we do not dropship your order. We hold stock and ship from USA. 

Super Easy Returns

Unlike others, we never charge a restocking fee and we don't make make returns difficult.  We offer best in the industry return policy which is a very fair win-win solution that allows you to shop with confidence.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We strive to give our customers the best pricing available anywhere online. If you find a better final price for the same product at another authorized retailer, we will try to match or beat that  price.

    5-Star Service

    Don't take our word, we encourage you to read reviews from 5000+ happy lightsaber fans.  We provide best in class post sales service to help get the ultimate cosplay experience and answer any lightsaber questions.


    Level Up Lightsaber

    Are you looking for level-up lightsabers for dueling? You have landed at the perfect website. We at Zia Sabers sell real lightsabers that are light enough to swing around with your hand and fingers. Still durable enough to complement heavy dueling and comes with all lightsaber accessories. While you get a lightsaber, learn Form III of lightsabers combat and complement smooth-swings.

    Customizable lightsabers at Zia Sabers

    Our level-up lightsabers can be customized according to your taste. We also sell tons of custom-built lightsabers. Including the smooth-swing sound effect, you will get tons of leveled-up features in our lightsabers. So, explore our level-up category and get a lightsaber you can swing smoothly like Count Dooku in a family duel.

    FAQs about Level Up Lightsabers

    The strength of the Jedi defines how strong a lightsaber is. Although, the purple color is very unique and represents both the Light and Dark Side of the Force. So, it can be considered the strongest Jedi lightsaber color.

    All the lightsabers are cool and unique. According to my choice, I like the white lightsabers of Ahsoka Tano the most. You can get any of these at Zia Sabers.

    You cannot use Force in real life. Although, you can get a real lightsaber in real life at Zia Sabers that will give you the Jedi persona.

    The prices of custom lightsabers depend on the custom features you want in them. The best and the most expensive lightsaber cost $600.

    A lightsaber cannot cut Beskat, Phrik, and some other materials.