Lightsaber Accessories

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A lightsaber can be charged in-hilt or with an external battery charger, depending on the type of lightsaber and model. For in-hilt charging such as the RGB and some Proffie sabers, there’s no need to remove the battery of the hilt as there is a charging port where you can directly charge the saber with a charging cable. With Proffie sabers, the battery is removed from the hilt by unthreading the pommel. The battery is then charged with an external charger that is included in the saber kit.

All ZIA Sabers come with a compatible charging cable or charger, there is no need to purchase this if you're purchasing our saber as it is already included in the saber kit.

Installing the Lightsaber Kit is simple. This is ready-to-install interior chassis with a complete lightsaber electronics kit. Make sure you get the kit that is compatible with your saber, whether

An RGB lightsaber is compatible with the standard polycarbonate blades. A Proffie saber can only be used with a Neopixel blade and is not compatible with a standard RGB blade. A Proffie saber has a series of pins on its hilt that connects to the disc of the Neopixel blade to provide the necessary electrical contacts. This means that RGB blades will not work with a Proffie saber.

A lightsaber blade plug is often used to protect people's eyes from the powerful shining beam of light of LED of a saber when the blade is removed. It also protects your electronics if you decide to remove your blade for safe storage and transportation. Blades plugs are commonly used in displays and collections.