Lightsaber Axe

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Lightsaber Axe

Lightsabers are mostly swords, but you cannot simply ignore a lightsaber ax. An ax with a laser blade used by Darth Malgus is the dream of every Star Wars fan. Well, this is your lucky day. Zia Sabers presents you with a Custom lightsaber ax category where you can find lots of lightsaber axes with lightsaber accessories.

Custom Lightsaber Ax at Zia Sabers

Would you like a lightsaber Axe, same as Darth Malgus but more enhanced and advanced? Zia Sabers provide you the opportunity to craft your own lightsaber axe. Customize your lightsaber according to your own choice with 12 preset blade colors, premium effects, and many more.

FAQs about Lightsaber Axe

Lightsabers are mostly swords, but the plasma field can take the shape of an axe. Yes! It is possible and has been used by the ancient Sith lord.

It is hard to believe, but the lightsaber ax is actually canon. If you play the games of the knights of the Old Republic, you will see a lightsaber ax. You can also get a lightsaber ax of your choice at Zia Sabers.

Darth Malgus, an ancient Sith Lord, wielded a lightsaber with an ax shape. His ax had blades made of plasma, the same as the blades of lightsabers.

The Sith lords perform a ritual known as Bleeding to corrupt the natural crystals into red color. They also use synthetic red crystals to build their red lightsabers or lightsaber ax. Try our store and get your favorite Sith lightsabers here.

Jedi used red lightsabers before it became the symbol of Sith lords.