Lightsaber Designs

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Lightsaber Designs

All the lightsabers we see in Star Wars have some unique and inspiring designs. Although, such designs are almost impossible to create in the real world. Luckily, Zia Saber is here for you. We have all the dueling lightsaber designs in a variety of colors. You get all the designs from Luke Skywalker’s standard lightsaber to Kylo Ren’s Crossguard lightsaber replica.

Custom Lightsabers at Zia Sabers

While you get to choose from our amazing designs, you are also free to customize the lightsaber designs according to the way you like them. We have many battle-ready custom lightsabers for you to pick. Like, a Crossguard lightsaber with a purple blade or a blue double-bladed lightsaber will win your heart once you get them. Do not just think. Flow with the Force and let it guide you to the lightsaber that is perfect for you.

FAQs about Lightsabers Designs

All types of lightsabers like Shoto, Standard, Crossguard, Double-bladed, and many other lightsabers define their design. Consult all types of lightsabers for detail.

Kylo Ren wielded a red Crossguard lightsaber, the best design in lightsabers.

Before there were any Jedis or Sith lords in ancient times, people had a lightsaber axe with a blade of energy field that looked like a lightsaber axe.

Count Dooku and his apprentice Assajj Ventress both used the curved hilt lightsaber design. You can get the curved or any other design at Zia Sabers.