Lightsaber Hilt

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Lightsabers Hilt

Lightsaber hilt is one of the most important parts of a lightsaber. A good quality hilt means a perfect dueling lightsaber. Zia Sabers aims to provide the best of the best lightsabers hilt, making sure the lightsaber looks cool and feels very real.

Customizable lightsabers hilt at Zia Sabers

With a focus on the comfortable grip and quality hilt, the hilt of the lightsaber at Zia Sabers comes with customizable options. You can build a lightsaber that sits comfortably in your palm. The Aluminum material keeps it lightweight, making it easier to swing around. The electronic boards inside the hilt are perfectly safe, meaning It is easier to travel with your lightsaber.

FAQs about Lightsaber Hilt

The hilt of a lightsaber is a part that encircles everything about the lightsaber. It includes the handgrip, emitter for a blade, and encased advanced technological electronic boards.

The most commonly used lightsaber hilts are standard, single-bladed, and double-bladed hilts. Although, you can find the rest of the types here on Zia Sabers.

Some Jedi are seen using lightsabers with black hilts. The Darksaber is the most famous lightsaber with a black hilt. You can also find tons of black hilt lightsabers at Zia Sabers.

Ideally, lightsabers can easily cut through the hilt as we have seen Star Wars lightsaber hilts getting cut. If the hilt is made of lightsaber-resistant material, then it won’t get cut. For example, the Darksaber hilt is made of Beskar material, and Temple Guards’ lightsaber hilt is made of Phrik material.