Lightsaber Lamp

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Lightsaber Lamp

Are you looking for a lightsaber that glows in the darkness? Zia Sabers sells lightsaber lamps that are lightsabers but as bright and useful as a lamp in the dark. Get the real lightsaber lamp with all the lightsaber accessories at Zia Sabers.

Custom Lightsaber Lamps

The best thing about Zia Sabers lightsabers lamps is their customizable features. Build your own lightsaber lamps at Zia Sabers, and we will customize the parts for you. You can read the How to build lightsaber guide for an overview. You get the option of 12 preset colors, including pink, green, red, and even white color. Other features include fast charging, premium sound effects, and tons of more.

FAQs about Lightsaber Lamp

Making a lightsaber lamp is easy. You can use a torch, cover it with a hilt, and then attach a polycarbonate blade. Read how to build a lightsaber for details. Although, the best way is to buy a ready lightsaber lamp at Zia Sabers.

Zia Sabers is without a doubt the best custom saber store with hundreds of built-in and customizable lightsabers with custom accessories.

On Zia Sabers, you can find a variety of custom sabers ranging from $50 to $300 with all the accessories.

All the lightsabers are extremely cool. However, you can try Ahsoka Tano's white lightsabers that are available at Zia Sabers.

Mace Windu and Master Yoda are the two strongest Jedis of the old Republic.