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Master Replicas

Getting the most realistic Star Wars lightsaber master replicas is a need of the hour of every Star Wars fan. Zia Sabers presents you with the master Replicas of lightsabers that exactly match the appearances of real Star Wars Lightsabers wielded by Jedis and Sith Lords. The Advanced features of these Star Wars lightsabers allow you to recreate Star Wars battle moments. 

Star Wars Custom Lightsabers at Zia Sabers

Any lightsaber replica at Zia Sabers, be it Luke’s Lightsaber, Darth Maul’s Lightsaber, or any other, is totally customizable. You can choose the hilt that matches your favorite Jedi. The blades come in 12 blazing preset colors. With the long-lasting battery, you can continue the Jedi-Sith battle with your friend all day long. 

FAQs about Master Replicas

At Zia Sabers, the prices of master replicas of lightsabers range from $100 to $600. Check out our store for an insight into the prices.

Any master replica you like is good for you. Try Crossguard lightsaber replicas or Double-bladed lightsaber replicas at Zia Sabers.

Yes! Zia Sabers provides you with the master replicas of lightsabers that match the exact appearance and qualities of Star Wars lightsabers.

Zia Sabers have tons of cheap lightsabers for you to try. Check out our store right now.

At Zia Sabers, all the master replica lightsabers are made up of Polycarbonate material to resist heavy dueling.