Mini Lightsaber

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Mini Lightsaber

The mini lightsaber is a way of dueling with your friends uniquely with different combat styles. Most Jedis or Sith lords wielded standard lightsabers, but remember Master Yoda's lightsaber? Or Ahsoka's yellow lightsaber? Both these lightsabers were mini but supported them in their lightsaber combat forms.

Mini Lightsabers at Zia Sabers

Mini lightsaber replicas are a perfect match for your youngling kids. Although, you can also wield them if you prefer to use Form VI or Jar'Kai style like Ahsoka Tano. To address this issue of unique taste of some fans, Zia Sabers brought up a new category full of mini lightsabers. You can get tons of mini dueling lightsabers at reasonable prices.

Custom Mini Lightsabers

Zia Sabers is not just a random store that sells lightsabers. We provide you the option to build your own lightsaber and feel like a true Jedi. You need to pick up the parts, and we will build and assemble them for you. So, be sure to be creative. We always love to work on new ideas. You get 12 preset colors, premium effects, and many lightsaber accessories to choose from.

FAQs about Mini Lightsabers

You can make the small lightsaber the same way as a standard lightsaber. Learn how to build a lightsaber and get started.

The toy lightsaber does not need a separate blade. As you push the button on the hilt, the plastic uncoils and takes a blade's shape. Such lightsabers are better for kids. If you want a more realistic replica, try lightsabers at Zia Sabers.

Yoda is the grandmaster in the Jedi academy, a member of the Jedi Council, and one of the most powerful Jedi. Blue and green colors are the Jedi symbols, and most Jedis are found using these two colors. Master Yoda, being the important person among Jedis, prefers to be a part of it by choosing green.

Kylo Ren's lightsaber and his Sith abilities make him the best duelist in Star Wars.