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Park Sabers

The best lightsabers with amazing hilts like Park Sabers used to sell now available at Zia Sabers. While Park Saber discontinued all the non-character hilts, Zia Saber focuses on providing all the dueling lightsabers fans may want. Plus, the prices of the lightsabers are much better.

Custom lightsabers at Zia Sabers.

Zia Sabers categorizes all the Park Sabers, be it character-inspired lightsabers or custom lightsabers. All the custom lightsabers have many advanced features and lightsaber accessories, and you get to decide what type of lightsaber you want. You can just build it yourself at Zia Sabers.

FAQs about Park Lightsabers

Park Sabers used to sell non-character lightsaber hilts. Recently they discontinued custom hilts and now focused on characters-inspired hilts. But, no worries, we have everything you may need at Zia Sabers.

The Sabers are almost real, except that they cannot cut through anything. Real lightsaber replicas are available at Zia Sabers.

Beskar is a rare element found in Mandalore. A lightsaber cannot cut through Beskar. The Mandalorians used this material as armors and weapons for centuries against the Jedis.

The Mandalorian’s armor is made of pure Beskar material, a light-resistant material. So yes, a lightsaber cannot cut through Mandalorian armor.