Pink Lightsaber

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The Power of a Pink Lightsaber

Anyone familiar with the myths and legends of Star Wars understands that lightsaber color holds deep significance to the Jedi wielding the weapon. Blue and green have been used by such infamous knights as Anakin and Luke Skywalker. Red blades, meanwhile, are reserved for the insidious members of the Sith, like the dual-blade associated with Darth Maul. Some colors, however, are less familiar to fans. A pink lightsaber, for example, might be a point of curiosity. If you’re looking for a custom saber, pink could be the perfect way to go.

The Meaning of a Custom Pink Lightsaber

Pink sabers are nothing new to the lore of Star Wars. According to pre-Disney Star Wars legends, a woman named Mara Jade wielded a pink lightsaber and later went on to marry Luke Skywalker. Recent shows like Clone Wars and video games have also depicted Jedi using a saber with a pink glow. If you’re searching for a custom pink lightsaber and want to know what it symbolizes, the popular consensus is that it is meant for those with a sense of charm, grace, and compassion. Some even say pink is reserved for the most unconventional of Jedi.

Using a Lightsaber With Pink Blade

Ordering your own customized lightsaber with pink blade is a perfect fit for a number of reasons. For one, it is a unique choice of color. While many people will proudly show off blades of blue, green, red, and purple, you will be one of the few who holds a color all your own. Whether completing a costume or looking to invest in some memorabilia, a pink option may be a great fit for you.

FAQs About Pink Lightsaber

Ordering your own pink lightsaber is a snap! Take a moment to look through the various options available at ZIA Saber and find a design that makes you excited to show off your new accessory.

A pink lightsaber can be wielded by anyone. Though some assume pink is more of a feminine color, there have been countless individuals of all genders and plenty of aliens from across the Star Wars galaxy who have used a pink blade.

Whether cosplaying or LARPing, you might want to actually put your sword to use after investing in it. This safe and fun accessory is perfect for duels, photo opportunities, or to showcase to your envious friends.

Though there are various meanings behind the color of a Jedi’s blade, it is also a personal choice. This means you should select the color of your custom lightsaber based on what shade has significance to you.

While rare, pink is not the rarest color when it comes to lightsabers. In fact, yellow is considered the most unique. Before making your final selection, be sure to weigh out all your options! A pink lightsaber is a statement piece that any Jedi can take advantage of. Find the perfect custom pink option for you by perusing what ZIA Sabers has to offer.