PVC Lightsabers

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PVC Lightsaber

The best way to duel with a lightsaber at home is to make sure it is safe. Most of the blades are easily breakable that can cause harm to the user. Zia Sabers presents you PVC lightsabers category, the safest material for lightsabers blade.

Custom PVC lightsaber 

PVC plastic is a reliable material that is unbreakable and flexible. You can customize the blade with  PVC or a polycarbonate material at Zia Sabers. You can also customize the rest of the features like blade color, hilt, and other advanced features.

FAQs about PVC Lightsabers

For a detailed guide, watch PVC lightsaber. I suggest you take a look at our PVC lightsabers that are ready to battle at Zia Sabers.

A plastic lightsaber can cost you up to $219 at Zia Sabers. You can also find cheaper lightsabers here.

The black series lightsabers you get at Zia Sabers have an Aluminium hilt and LED strips inside the polycarbonate blade. All of these combine to make a lightweight and blazing lightsaber.

The black series lightsabers can be as expensive as $400 at Amazon. Exploring our Zia Saber store will find amazing black series lightsabers from $50 to $600.