Real Life Lightsaber

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Real-Life Lightsabers

Real-life lightsabers are not only a dream anymore. Disney announced they had created a real-life lightsaber. While you may not get Disney’s real-life lightsabers soon, Zia Saber provides real lightsaber replicas for an outstanding duel experience.

Customizable real-life lightsabers

All the lightsabers, including real lightsabers on Zia Sabers, are totally customizable. You can build a lightsaber of your own choice with modified custom lightsaber effects and sounds, along with advanced lightsaber tricks dueling complete guide. You can get 12 preset colors you can switch with a push of a button.

FAQs about Real Life Lightsaber

Yes! Disney announced their real-life lightsaber. Sadly, they are not selling the real lightsaber. What you should do is explore the “Zia Sabers” online store for real lightsabers.

The real-life lightsabers that are actually retractable can cost you more than $200 at least. If you prefer to go deep down into the market prices, search our online store and see vast varieties of hundreds of dueling lightsabers.

The real-life lightsaber cannot cut, and it is not allowed to have one either. However, Zia Sabers retractable lightsabers are real-life in every way except that they cannot be cut. They are perfect for safe lightsabers dueling.

The temperature of a lightsaber blade is too high to achieve scientifically, but you are allowed to buy one that looks very real on Zia Sabers.